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It sounds like the Origins Experience™ might be overkill…

But I’m not that bad.

In researching treatment centers, among the options you can seemingly select from is the degree to which you are exposed to the 12-step message of recovery while undergoing drug and alcohol rehabilitation. There are some centers where the message is really not central to the program offered, but rather seems more collateral to it.

Origins Recovery Centers are not such places. Our programs and curriculum are ones of 12-step immersion and everything one is exposed to as a client of one of the Origins campuses is directly based around the original 12-step program of recovery.

Why? Because it works. Do other programs work? Maybe, but no other program is as tried and true and 12-step recovery as outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous has proven successful when all other easier, softer ways have failed.

With this in mind, we often encounter reticence from prospective clients and their families over whether or not our curriculum is suitable, in that it may perhaps be too rigorous since it was designed to be powerful and focused enough for even those clients known for chronic relapse. In other words, since this a person’s first time in drug and alcohol rehabilitation or since they haven’t destroyed the entirety of their life (yet), perhaps the Origins Experience™ is overkill.

Let us first say that there is no such thing as overkill when dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction is not just some inconvenience. Drug and alcohol addiction is a fatal disease that manifests itself in horrible socially unacceptable ways before killing those who are afflicted with it and possibly others if the addict/alcoholic doesn’t seek help before it’s too late. We really don’t think there is a way someone can be too recovered from such a hopeless state of mind and body.

We know, “but you’re different.” That seems to be the mantra of drug addicts and alcoholics in active addiction. You’re different because you managed to run a successful business through your addiction, or you’re different because you’re not that old and you haven’t damaged all that much of your life, or you’re different because you don’t actually need treatment; you’ve just been court-ordered…

We get it. Everyone does have circumstances that make them unique. But you or your loved one’s circumstance aside, our philosophy is very simple: we hit you hard with step work and 12-step principles because while we don’t believe you can get too much of them, we know and have seen first-hand what happens when a person does not get enough.

Doesn’t this make sense? Would you rather risk getting the message too powerfully (assuming that’s possible) or too enfeebled? We don’t believe that there is a downside to the former, but we know all too well that the latter may very well lead to death. Since this is a matter of life and death, why would you seek a watered down curriculum of recovery?


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