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Is Telehealth Addiction Recovery Here to Stay?

In the past year, we’ve seen much more attention put on virtual health services to keep patients and medical staff safer. Treatment for substance use is part of those essential services. With the post-Covid era coming thanks to vaccines, you may be wondering if Telehealth addiction recovery options are here to stay. Today, let’s talk about the benefits of treating addiction remotely and how it compares to starting a program in person.

Telehealth addiction recovery use make healthcare providers more accessible to patients. Innovations in Telehealth include creating systems to provide medical history to providers and allow remote patient monitoring. This option has grown in popularity in the past year, yet in-person treatment remains available. For patients with a substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health disorder. For anyone asking can you get sober online, it’s helpful to look at Telehealth as a first step to take towards a residential treatment program.

What are the latest innovations in Online Drug Addiction Treatment?

Innovations continue to emerge in Telehealth to make it more effective and more customized to the patient. Simple remote access to a medical facility and a healthcare provider isn’t enough. A couple of important innovations are connected to a patient directly to improve the quality of care of online drug addiction treatment.

One of the innovations supporting online ways to treat addiction is called “asynchronous telemedicine.” This system sends a recorded medical history to the provider for use in diagnosing and treating the patient. It’s helpful for providers whose busy schedules may not always allow interaction with a patient in real time. A second innovation is remote patient monitoring. It can monitor vitals and other data related to chronic conditions and then communicate that information automatically to a healthcare provider.

Can you treat addiction over Zoom?

Treating many types of substance use disorders over Zoom is an option. Keep in mind, not every type of treatment can be easily adapted to this virtual practice. One type of therapy that does work is motivational interviewing. The provider guides a patient through a structured conversation about how life might look without substance use.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is another type of treatment that can be provided over Zoom via telehealth addiction recovery options. This approach focuses on a patient’s thoughts and behaviors related to drinking or drug use. The CBT session might be used to discuss certain triggers for substance use and how to avoid those triggers.

What are the benefits of treating addiction with Telehealth?

Any program, online or in person, can only be successful when a patient commits to staying committed to it. The Telehealth option has helped people who resisted traditional programs continue to work on their recovery. The tools they learn in this approach can help them cut down on substance use. It also gives them easier access to healthcare providers, as long as they have an internet connection and a reliable device to use.

The access issue mentioned above is one of many barriers people face in getting treatment. Telehealth can help remove many of those issues, including time required, cost, and shame or anxiety felt in going to a rehab in person. Online drug addiction treatment can also be a first step in getting ready for future recovery steps, whether it involves an intensive outpatient program or residential treatment.

Can I still get in-person addiction treatment?

Telehealth isn’t a replacement for in-person treatment. It’s one option available to patients, and can be used by itself or as one piece of a larger in-person program. It can help a patient take the early steps towards recovery and begin to see for themselves the need for more comprehensive treatment.

For many patients, both substance use and a co-occurring mental health disorder may require dual diagnosis treatment. In this scenario, a residential program with an integrated approach to these disorders is very beneficial. It’s important to point out that many patients who have been in treatment for substance use alone in the past may have undiagnosed depression, anxiety, or trauma that’s made staying in recovery much more challenging.

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