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Is Inspiration A Science? 


How does our brain get inspired and stay inspired? Inspiration is difficult to describe, as it often comes on suddenly and without warning. We associate inspiration with mental stimulation and the sudden urge or idea to engage in something new or to get creative. While feeling inspired can feel fleeting and hard to pin down, there is a science behind inspiration. Here, we’ll take a look at some ways to increase the amount of inspiration in our lives and why it’s so important for our recovery.

Getting Inspired

Research has shown that when the brain has higher levels of plasticity (adaptability), it’s able to experience inspiration more regularly. Simple activities like reading, exercising, and meditating up the brain’s plasticity and make us more creative and adaptable. Additionally, if you’re feeling uninspired, try something new. When we get into a routine, our brain gets used to the daily habits to which it’s become accustomed. Trying new things increases the brain’s plasticity and makes us more likely to feel inspired. Also, allow yourself the time and space for free time. When we allow ourselves to rest and relax, we become more receptive to inspiration, and new ideas flow through. 

Why is staying inspired important for recovering?

Staying inspired is vital to recovery, as it keeps us feeling positive and energetic about the journey. We often hear about the dangers of complacency. When we think we’ve learned everything and we’re feeling bored with recovery, we’re more likely to feel apathetic, rest on our laurels, and potentially relapse. Inspiration is a great cure for complacency. Setting goals, being present in the moment, meeting new people, being of service in new ways, and trying new activities are all ways to stay inspired during recovery. Remember why you’re here, how far you’ve come, and use that knowledge to help others. Recovery is an endlessly inspiring path; we just have to look around and be open to it. Often times, when we choose to live in the moment and pay attention, inspiration flows.


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