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Improving Outcomes: Origins & MAP Health Management

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For over 5 years, Origins Behavioral HealthCare has worked with MAP Health Management to create a treatment system that is driven by data which is continually collected and analyzed to improve care. By utilizing advanced technology and psychometrics, Origins is able to more effectively engage patients in treatment that is designed to meet individual needs. As a result, outcomes continue to improve and Origins is well known for treating even those with the most challenging addictions.

At Origins Behavioral HealthCare, improving outcomes by providing evidence-based treatment has been a long-standing practice that has both informed care and helped to evolve its treatment system.




Treatment based on a combination of cutting-edge research, real-time outcomes data, and ongoing staff training addressing the findings of that data has led to a very high level of patient care. During the past several years, Origins Behavioral HealthCare has been able to enhance its care delivery system as a result of its collaboration with MAP Health Management. Origins has been able to surgically refine its care as MAP data highlights program strengths and challenges which, when addressed, have a direct impact on the quality of care and outcomes. Although there is much research as to the need to create treatment systems that are informed by experience, few have been able to actually utilize data in evolving the treatment system.

There is serious concern regarding the rate of recidivism in addiction treatment. Though this remains a critical concern, in most cases, programs do not actually know what happens to patients following treatment, or the data as to patient outcomes is static versus dynamic. MAP Health Management keeps Origins Behavioral HealthCare in contact with patients long after they leave the initial inpatient course of treatment and when necessary, Origins is able to intervene when data indicates that a patient might be vulnerable to relapse. By collaborating with key staff members who have worked with the patient during their treatment, Origins is able to help “course correct” clients when they need support.

MAP has created a system that informs care by underscoring the impact of Origins’ clinical services while simultaneously minimizing relapse through ongoing patient engagement.

In addition, by combining MAP data with real-time clinical data utilizing standardized psychometric instruments, some developed by Origins own clinical team, patients receive a high level of care and more often complete a full course of treatment. The environment that Origins Behavioral HealthCare has fostered with MAP Health Management ensures that the patient experience is marked by more than an abstract application of research to programming—our outcomes data informs an innovative system that progressively improves the quality of care.




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