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Immersion of 12 Step Principles in Origins’ Treatment

ORC Courtyard Fountain 01Origins Behavioral HealthCare takes pride in offering evidence informed treatment in all of our programs while recognizing that addiction is a multifaceted disease and treatment must be driven by the challenges of individual patients. Origins addresses these challenges by creating a unique blend of state of the art science with research proven axioms found in 12 Step literature.  The efficacy of this approach has undergone more than 15 years of rigorous scientific scrutiny and the results have been consistent—12 Step immersion significantly enhances outcomes and supports long term recovery. The 12 Steps offer an enhanced platform for sustained recovery when combined with other cutting edge treatment at Origins such as Neuro Plasticity Training, behavioral and cognitive therapies, evidence based alternative therapies and a robust family program.

At Origins, each patient receives individual support in reaching the emotional and spiritual journey that is aligned with their belief system and best supports recovery for addiction. Recognizing the chronic nature of addiction, full participation in 12 Step recovery, along with the ongoing support provided by continuing care consistently results in strong outcomes.

Leading researchers continue to provide evidence that defines how neurological, emotional and behavioral changes are all supported by becoming fully involved in the pathways offered by the spiritual, behavioral and emotional recovery that 12 Step fellowships provides. Treatment that is fully integrated with 12 Step principles continues to produce the best outcomes which is our goal for every person being treated in our programs.

All of our work is couched in the belief that spirituality is at the core of our treatment system. Research clearly supports the inclusion of spirituality in all of our treatment approaches and recognizes that a clinically whole person is one who has found a spiritual path that opens the door to self-discovery and inner peace.

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