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How Can Neurotherapy Help Your Recovery?

The practice of neurotherapy goes by multiple names used interchangeably, but not necessarily representing the same exact practice. Neurofeedback, biofeedback, and brainwave training all aim for the same goal of utilizing displays and interactions with brain waves to demonstrate brain activity to a patient, train the brain, and show results.

The Importance Of Watching Brain Waves

In the world of mental health treatment, we talk a lot about the brain, brain function, and neuroscience, but we don’t often talk about brain waves themselves. Brain wave activity offers us a wealth of information about our brain function. After all, our emotions, thoughts, behaviors, decisions, traumas, distractions, addictions, and connections to our bodies exist in the brain. When certain symptoms are persistent in our addictions or other mental health disorders, we can find out more about their function by watching brain waves.

Brain waves tell us what function of the brain is under-aroused or over-aroused, meaning that a particular function or brain area isn’t operating optimally. Through neurotherapeutic applications, we can get, quite literally, an inside look at how we might be functionally experiencing anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, and other kinds of mental struggles.

Using Brain Wave Information To Train The Brain

Once we have collected information from our brain on what is working and what could be working better, a neurotherapist can help us train and retrain the brain. Using computer programs which act like games and interact with our brain wave signal, we can watch our brain wave reaction change in real-time as we target certain brain function through these games. With a visual of our brain wave activity, sometimes auditory feedback of our brain working, when we improve in the “brain games” or therapy practices, we realize we directly contribute to the healing of our brain. Through neurotherapy, we learn that we can self-regulate and improve our brain function. Most importantly, we learn that our brain has never been “broken”, that there is nothing “wrong” with us, and that becoming fully recovered is entirely possible.



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