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How Can Beginners Learn Meditation?

Meditation is simply the practice of turning one’s attention to a single point of focus, such as the breath, an image, or a repeated word or phrase. While it sounds simple, it can often feel impossible to sit down, quiet the mind, set yourself free from distractions, and meditate. Meditation has numerous health benefits for people seeking recovery from alcohol and other drug use – but even though it is simple, it is not always easy. Here are some tips if you’re new to meditation and want to find a sustainable practice of stilling your mind.

Start Small and Go Easy on Yourself

Begin by setting aside 3-5 minutes for meditation. If you set your meditation goal too high, you’re less likely to complete it. Start with a few minutes of mindful focus. It’s important to go easy on yourself, especially in the beginning. You’ll want to create a habit that’s sustainable and fun and doesn’t feel like a daunting chore. If you’re unable to focus for the full 3-5 minutes, don’t worry! The mind is incredibly active and meditation isn’t easy. Just calmly bring your attention back to your breath and start again. Over time, it will get easier. 

Understand Why You’re Meditating

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to understand the reason behind your desire to meditate. Is it to reduce anxiety and stress? Is it to boost your recovery efforts? It’s nice to keep your reason in mind, as this will give your meditation practice meaning and you can notice how it’s paying off.

Create a Cozy Meditation Environment

Even if it’s just a small corner of your room with a pillow and blanket, creating a welcoming meditation environment will make you want to keep coming back. Find a place where you can be calm and free of distractions. Allow that space to become a scared spot for daily reading, prayer, or reflection. This can support and enable your meditation practice.

Remember: it’s a Process

Meditation is a process, not a destination. Enjoy the journey and try to drop any assumptions about your experience. Simply allow it to BE. As you move through your practice and develop a greater sense of wellbeing, humbly acknowledge your efforts. Congratulate yourself on learning the invaluable skill of meditation and be thankful for the opportunity improve your mental health with every mindful breath.


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