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My Higher Power Within – Alumnus Testimonial

By Lexi P., Hannah’s House alum

In and out of diffeHH-Porch-Sunsetrent treatment centers for more than 11 years, I had been unwilling to change the person I was. When my family could no longer bear the burden my addiction was causing their lives, I came to Hannah’s House with the threat of losing every person I cared for.

I had been introduced to the Twelve Steps at the beginning of my use and the word “God” brought about so many negative feelings, I feared this treatment program would fail me as well. As I began to comprehend every word said, take in every lesson, and see the truth of my life, I opened my eyes to hope for the first time. I was taught that God was a three letter word, one syllable, and nearly every person on the planet associated it with their own conception of a power greater than themselves. It was up to me to decide the qualities that Higher Power held.

I came to find that to have this spiritual awakening at the end of the 12 Steps, there were only three things necessary: an open mind, willingness to try new things, and honesty with everyone, including myself.

After realizing this was all that was needed, sobriety didn’t look as intimidating. Over the past three years, I have shared this with many newcomers in my hometown. Every woman I have had the opportunity to walk the path of recovery with now speaks the same principles I first learned at Hannah’s House. I found my Higher Power inside myself on that dock on the bay. If I choose to connect with that power today, I am recovered and have the hope that tomorrow I will be able to do the same.

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