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Healing the Family System at Origins

Like any other chronic illness, addiction requires a network of participants that either support the illness or support recovery from it. Being willing to accept help as the addicted person or helping your loved one enter treatment is the first step. But so much more can be done to support the entire family system. That’s where we come in.

Each family has a unique as a fingerprint.

Though it may share many of the same general characteristics as others, each has unique qualities, events, and personalities that must be understood and navigated as a team. A one-size-fits-all approach is not effective in treating substance use or mental health disorders, and it does not work for total family recovery. Quality care for the entire family must take each family’s unique challenges into account and offer a variety of solutions for recovery.

Family systems with an addicted loved one often experience:

  • An inability to effectively communicate with the addicted person
  • Unhealthy hypervigilance
  • Ongoing emotional turmoil and sleepless night
  • Feeling that you must “protect” the person with addiction
  • Keeping secrets to hide the addiction from those outside the family system
  • The development of “caretaker” roles where family members place all focus on the sick person
  • Financial hardships that affect the entire household
  • Reckless behavior within the home
  • Emotional or physical abuse

Addiction is an illness. You did not cause addiction, and you cannot cure it.

You can, however, grow as a family that supports one another in making healthy choices. These choices include learning to communicate constructively, developing the proper boundaries, and creating space for self-care techniques–not just for the person with a substance use disorder (SUD). Quality treatment takes the care and time needed to guide each member of the family in developing a plan for systemic healing. In this type of nurturing environment, recovery – and so much more – is possible.

Treatment for the Whole Family

Family members deserve their own recovery. Helping families heal from addiction is a critical part of our comprehensive addiction treatment model. We care for you, as well as your loved one. Our offerings include ongoing support for families seeking recovery, including:

  • Regular clinical contact with the patient’s Primary Therapist
  • Treatment updates from our clinical team
  • Contact with your loved one through treatment
  • Support from our Family Program therapists and coordinators
  • Guidance on self-care techniques
  • Access to our intensive Family Program

Our Intensive Family Program

Our Family Program is a multiday immersion in family recovery that helps families understand addiction and identify the dynamics that may contribute to ongoing addiction. We provide family support in a private environment that helps each family member recognize the effects of substance use and learn healthy coping strategies. We also offer loved ones the opportunity to ask questions and speak with their loved ones in an open, judgment-free atmosphere.

Our Family Program provides:

  • Therapeutic recovery support for the whole family
  • Vital tools to regain a sense of wellbeing
  • Open discussions in a guided, supportive environment
  • A safe and confidential group setting
  • Strategies to help you cope with the ups and downs of recovery
  • Guided communication sessions between loved ones and family members

Individualized Recovery Planning

Continuing care planning prepares patients for the next stage in their treatment, and studies show that when the family system participates, outcomes improve. We collaborate with families to develop an in-depth continuing care plan for the addicted person’s recovery and also guide each family member as they establish their personal recovery plan.

Components of your recovery plan may include:

  • Family counseling
  • Marriage counseling
  • Self-care techniques
  • Support groups
  • Individual therapies
  • Family case management

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