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From the Grateful Mother of an Origins Alum

beachMy son became an addict at 16. Today, he is now 27 and clean just over a year after many, many recovery centers and attempts at sobriety. Hanley Center at Origins in West Palm Beach, FL has shown him that there is life without drugs and that he can win the battle against addiction. To this day, the staff at Origins is still involved in his recovery.


Origins Behavioral HealthCare invites the whole family to become involved in recovery. They understand that recovery is not just for the addict, but for the family, as well. Before my son arrived at Origins, he was on his last journey of addiction. Through Origins, we have been blessed with our wonderful son, who is living a wonderful life. Yes, he has to do his part, but without the teaching from Origins we would have lost him forever.


Thank you to everyone at Origins!


Joanna, Grateful Mother of an Origins Alum


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