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Finding the Ultimate Meaning with Lance Woodly

In this episode, we are talking with Lance Woodly. Lance is the Hanley Center Clinical Chaplain. He is also a clinical social worker and spends his life helping people. 

Lance shares about his background and the path that brought him to seminary and becoming a chaplain. He shares his winding journey to find the ultimate meaning for his life and how even now he is a work in progress.   

Show Notes:

  • [00:38] We are excited to welcome Lance Woodly. Lance is a healthcare chaplain and clinical social worker.
  • [02:46] The greatest challenge he finds with being a clinician and academic is that when a question is answered, a thousand more arise. 
  • [03:56] It is always okay to be in process. We are all evolving, growing, learning, and in process. If we are, we are stagnant and that is worse than anything. 
  • [04:22] Do not put pressure on yourself to know everything or to figure life out.  Take life as it comes. 
  • [06:51] If we make meaning of each step, each step in any direction will begin to make sense. We don’t see what is in front of us but we just run committed to the step in front of us. 
  • [07:48] As a chaplain they help carry the load of their brothers and sisters that struggle with any problem that may lie ahead.  To be a chaplain is to be a burden bearer. 
  • [09:55] For the religious and the nonreligious, the idea of making meaning and interpreting their reality becomes essential. 
  • [11:51] His faith was put on trial.  He went from trying to defend the existence of God to see what the benefits are of believing in God. 
  • [13:08] When people are hurting and broken, that’s the common ground.
  • [15:46] Lance shares how his journey of music got him to this point. 
  • [17:13] If you want something, you have to work hard for it. 
  • [19:11] In college, he took and flunked his first Bible course but then something just changed. 
  • [20:10] He realized that he approached life naturally as a philosopher. Once he surrendered to that he began to operate in that gift. 
  • [22:43] Lance shares about his guardian angel. 
  • [25:19] His guardian angel took care of him and told him the drug life was not for him and he would take care of him. 
  • [27:52] He became very curious about who he was as a person.  
  • [29:39] Meaning comes up again and again in Lance’s story. 
  • [31:16] What is this teaching me? What has this person’s meaning been in my life?





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