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Why a Five-Day Program?

Participation in Hanley Center’s intensive five-day program for family members of patients is critical to the long-term recovery success of loved ones in treatment. Addressing the ripple effects of addiction throughout the family is an integral component to restoring healthy methods of communication, levels of trust, degrees of intimacy and elements of self-care for each individual within the family unit.


The reason five days is so necessary is because this particular component of the comprehensive recovery process for addiction is progressive by design. Insights from each previous day gradually build upon each other. In this way, participation in the daily curriculum equips each family member with the precise tools and resources needed to journey further down the pathway of identifying the many personal effects they have experienced as a result of damaged relationships.


Each daily session is facilitated by family counselors who are specialists in dealing with issues of addiction. Various modalities such as psycho-education, conjoint family sessions and the opportunity to participate in multi-family groups are utilized resulting in an effective and highly engaging experience.


This comprehensive, five-day curriculum is designed to assist the identified patient and family members in the development of a continuing care plan unique to their family’s needs. It is this care plan that will provide the bridge for transition from the safety of inpatient treatment to successful, long-term recovery