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Why Certain Rules?  

Every individual’s right-to-privacy who is participating in the Family Program is protected by federal law. You are asked to refrain from identifying other participants in this program or the Hanley Center inpatient or the outpatient programs. Please never ask other patients to disclose information about any individuals including your loved ones.


Confidentiality: We hold to the common agreement that “what is said here, stays here.” This practice of confidentiality helps develop a spirit of trust within the group.


Unit Concept and Fraternizing Policy: Refraining from visiting with patients who are not in your Family Program group protects the meaningful relationship that all individuals are working to develop with peers on their unit. This respect for others helps enhance a sense of group safety, cohesiveness, independent focus and self-responsibility.


Smoking: Out of respect for the health of all individuals, this is a smoke-free facility. Family Program participants will have access to an outdoor designated smoking area during breaks.


Refreshments: Coffee and snacks will be available during break time only. Please restrict drinks in the carpeted group rooms to water only.


Restrooms: Ample facilities are available but we ask that you limit restroom access to break time only since leaving and entering the room during the sessions is very disruptive and may negatively impact the group process.


Phones: For the respect of others, cell phones must be turned off during group activities. If it necessary to make a call during break please find a private area to do so. As patients are not permitted to use phones while receiving treatment except in special circumstances, family members should not offer their phones to any patient in or out of group or on the main campus.


Full Participation: Attendance at all five daily sessions is required to obtain maximal benefit from the Family Program experience.


Alcohol and Non-prescribed Drug Use: We ask that all family members and participants refrain from the use of alcohol, prescribed drugs or illicit chemicals for the duration of the five-day program including off-times out of the respect for patients undergoing treatment. Please review any mood or mind-altering prescribed medications with a Family Program staff member prior to the beginning of sessions.


Food: As we are unable to guarantee that particular allergens as well as foods with alcohol or drugs are not present, no outside foods or beverages may be consumed by family members or delivered to patients at any of the Hanley Center locations.


Transportation: Because of liability and safety concerns, patients will be transported from the Family Program back to the main campus only by Hanley Center staff. No transportation with family members is allowed without staff approval.