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Executive: Hanley Center sale to broaden access to care

Palm Beach Daily News – By David Rogers

Origins Behavioral Healthcare will result in broader access to care for substance addictions and an expansion of the West Palm Beach facility’s 21-acre campus, said Drew Rothermel, Origins’ chief executive officer.

The $11.5 million sale of not-for-profit Hanley by Caron Treatment Centers to for-profit Origins closed Dec. 19, along with a deal for the 20-bed Gate Lodge center in Vero Beach.

The Hanley Center has had significant support from Palm Beach since 1986, when it was founded as an addiction treatment center with a lead gift by Mary Ann and Jack Hanley. Current Palm Beachers on its board include Lillian Fanjul Azqueta, Kim Coleman, Andrew Forsyth, Isabel Furlaud, Gary Harris, Anne Keresey and Kelly P. Moore.

Rothermel, also a resident, has a close tie to the center: his wife, Amy Hanley Rothermel, is one of the Hanleys’ grandchildren.

He was formerly president of the Florida market for the joint Caron and Hanley treatment centers.

Hanley’s strength has been creating programs aimed at older adults battling addictions, Rothermel said. To that, Origins will add comprehensive psychological services, daily visits by physicians and incorporation of a 12-step program that aimes to ensure patients are able to remain drug or alcohol free after they leave the facility, he said.

Expansion plans

Rothermel agreed to lead Origins on the condition that it move its corporate offices to West Palm Beach. About 20 Origins employees, executive and support staff, began working at the 120-bed Hanley Center — now called Hanley Center at Origins — in December.

Origins bought Hanley because of its emphasis on care for older people with addictions and its proximity to St. Mary’s Medical Center and Palm Beach, Rothermel said.

And, there are 10 acres of land available for development on the Hanley property, he said.

“It wasn’t about 120 beds. It was about the possibility of having several hundred beds in South Florida with our ability to expand on the additional land,” Rothermel said.

Health insurance now accepted

Origins works to get services covered by insurance, in a piecemeal fashion if needed, to help reduce patients’ out-of-pocket expenses, according to Rothermel.

“For families that really need to rely on their insurance benefit to get care, we have the ability to maximum those benefits toward the cost of care. So instead of a $30,000 a month hurdle to get into treatment, it may only be a couple thousand to access care” depending on the policy, Rothermel said. The cost of addiction treatment can range from $700 to $1,200 a day, depending upon the level of care and facility, he said.

Palm Beacher Nellie Benoit said she has been a supporter of Hanley for decades. The fact that Hanley now accepts insurance will “make a world of difference” for families, she said.

“I think it’s fabulous,” Benoit said. Years ago, people paid cash for substance addiction treatment because of the stigma.

“We don’t need to be embarrassed. This is a disease like any other disease. We need to accept it and do anything in the world we need to do to conquer it,” Benoit said.

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