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Do’s Of Dating In Recovery

Posted on April 23, 2019

Do's Of Dating In Recovery

Dating in recovery is a fascinating and exciting experience.

You’ve worked hard to recover who you were before you started drinking or using, who you are as a sober individual, and who you want to be in your future. Exploring the connection your new holistic self can have with others can be an educational, transformative experience, as well as a lot of fun.

Do continue to work your own program:

Few things seem cuter than going to a meeting together when you’re dating someone in recovery- until you are going to all the same meetings together, the same fellowship events together, and enmeshing your recovery programs in every way. Your personal program of recovery is what has given you the foundation to be able to date.

Do be honest about how you are feeling:

We can take on the notion that we have to hide who we are and how we feel with others because we working a program of recovery from addiction or alcoholism. Our feelings of shame and the pressure we feel from the stigma of addiction in society’s eyes can make us want to hide how we are feeling from someone we are dating. If we are having a hard time, feeling cravings, or struggling in general, we might be inspired to fake our feelings or hide them away entirely in order to “please” another person. Honesty is a key in our program and we have to uphold the principle of honesty in all our affairs.

Do remember that recovery comes first:

If romance wasn’t special, it wouldn’t be the focus of art, music, literature, film, and practically any form of expressive creativity in the history of modern humanity. People become enraptured by romance, overcome by it, overwhelmed by it, and consumed by it. Putting a romance before your recovery is easy to do. Recovery can be hard work and come with many challenging feelings. Relationships are also hard work and sometimes challenging, but the initial stages of romance are typically less challenging and more enjoyable. Remember to continue putting your recovery first. As they say in the program, anything you put before your recovery tends to disappear.

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