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Does 12-step immersion mean we won’t enjoy luxurious amenities?

Twelve-step Immersion… That sounds rough! | I want to go to a spa for treatment.

The intention of this article is to dispel a common concern we encounter from prospective clients and their families. For some reason, a program like ours, of rigorous accountability and immersion in 12-step principles makes people envision a spartan, almost military like atmosphere of self-denial and repentance. In other words, people think that while being immersed in step work, one can’t possibly enjoy luxury amenities.

That’s nonsense. Our campuses, bar-none are among some of the most luxuriant drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the nation. In fact, our flagship campus on South Padre Island is known in the local community for in fact being the nicest, most luxurious facility on the entire island; an island which is itself a resort community. And the food is exceptional. The spread provided on any given day at Origins is much like you would encounter in the homes of the truly privileged on Thanksgiving.

So let us first take away this notion that 12-step immersion means one must become a monk in a monastery of self-flagellation while in treatment. Sure, we do expect our clients to get honest and to do some so serious soul-searching work that will not be easy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be pampered with luxury amenities at the same time; the two are not diametrically opposed. Drug and alcohol treatment is not about punishment; it’s about recovery and we believe that things like beautiful surroundings, comfortable beds and great food only work to foster a proper environment of healing and wellness.

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