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Darkness Doesn’t Fall At Night


During the daytime, it is easy to stay busy and distracted from what can sometimes be overwhelming and uncomfortable thoughts about drinking and using.

When the sun is out, or if it isn’t out, during the working hours of the day, the world is alive and buzzing. We can hop onto that current and ride the wave of it, bustling about from one activity to the next, one recovery meeting to the next, working, fulfilling our responsibilities, and generally staying busy. As the working day winds down and the world around us starts to settle, we can find ourselves feeling unsettled, at best. Though the night is full of activities, for many of us who are seeking to be recovered, nighttime was when our alcoholic and addiction lives saw the most activity. No longer distracted or busy, we find ourselves feeling uncomfortable with the idea of having to sit- not just without anything to do, but just with ourselves.

There is a reason we make our recovery lives fruitful in the evenings.

We set up coffee dates before meetings, go to dinner for the “after the meeting meeting,” and then finally make our way home. We go on outings with our peers in recovery, we fellowship, we offer ourselves in service, and we make sure that our nighttime lives in recovery are as busy as our daytime lives in recovery. Darkness does fall with the passing of the hours, but our sustained abstinence and our program of recovery don’t have to fall with it.

Nighttime hours, boredom, lack of phone calls, lack of activity- we have to realize that there are no external hours which can influence or control us.

Our recovery and what we do with it, as well as what we get out of it, is entirely up to us. We have to get into action, connect with others, and remain open-minded to what is possible in our lives one day at a time.


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