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September 8, 2020

Inspiration for the Day

Why do we repeat behaviors that leave us feeling empty and remorseful or avoid behaviors that leave us feeling whole and connected? Dr. Silkworth speaks of the “effect produced” and an alcoholic’s inability to differentiate the true from the false (Big Book, page xxviii). Today, we have been restored to sanity, and we are clear on the effect produced by alcohol on us as alcoholics. Why do we still buy the lies that lead to other negative activities in our lives? We can be quick to speak poorly of someone, justified by the idea that we will feel better if we speak ill of another, or that the person we are speaking with will benefit from the poison we are about to share. Lack of power is still our dilemma.

Meditation for the Day

Today, I will ask God to please give me the power to say something kind about another person, especially when an opportunity to say something negative arises. I will ask for the power to be kind and loving.