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October 16, 2020

Inspiration for the Day

No matter how often we encounter struggle, the solution is often the same; God and the process of the 12-Steps. The process is the keyword. We like to think these single actions are going to free us. “I’ll write some inventory, and then I’ll feel better,” or “I’ll pray and meditate, and then I’ll feel better,” or “I’ll go to a meeting, and then I’ll feel better.” Part of the problem is that we are more fixated with how we “feel” than on our relationship with God. If we are looking for relief rather than freedom, then we will often find that we are still “a victim of the delusion that [we] can wrest satisfaction and happiness out of this world if [we] only manage well.” (Big Book, Page 61)

Meditation for the Day

Today, I will ask God to help me focus on my relationship with Him, rather than focusing on my feelings. I will remember to develop my conscious contact with God.