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November 24, 2020

Inspiration for the Day

“There are no justified resentments. No one ever dies from a snake bite. The snake bite will never kill you. You cannot be un-bitten; once you’re bitten, you’re bitten. But it is the venom that continues to pour through your system after the bite that will end up destroying you.” – Wayne Dyer We may never realize how much power resentment has in our lives until after Step Five. Anger over something that someone has done to hurt us is OK. That’s not what causes us to drink. But letting this anger turn to venom or resentment that we then hold onto and continue to let poison us is what closes us off from the sunlight of the spirit.

Meditation for the Day

May I remember to take regular inventory of self and not let venom poison my life. May I ask God to help me see my mistakes in situations so I can forgive the wrongs of others. May I also seek the assistance of others when I need help seeing my own mistakes,