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May 2, 2021

Inspiration for the Day

We come to understand through the daily practices of prayer and meditation that prayer is not just the purposeful silent communication that we practice at a certain time every day and that meditation is not just a time we dedicate to being silent. Prayer and meditation become all-day conversations that we have with our best friend. This friend will teach us to listen with all our heart, speak with mindfulness and empathy, and always strive to do the next right thing. This friend that we turn to when we are troubled, is also celebrating with us when joy comes our way and is bringing us peace in moments of silence. This friend always has our best interest at heart and will never steer us wrong.

Meditation for the Day

Today I will bring my Higher Power into all aspects of my day. I will strive to deepen my understanding of my Higher Power’s love for me and for all mankind. I will celebrate the relationship that I have fostered through prayer and meditation and recognize the serenity and peace that this relationship affords me.