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May 1, 2021

Inspiration for the Day

We come into the rooms with the desperation of a drowning man exactly like the Big Book says. We use that desperation to push us to do anything and everything to get and stay sober. We work the 12-Steps and our lives get better. That desperation might go away. We might stop praying and meditating or taking regular inventory. We start to rest on our laurels. When we do this, that restless, irritable, discontented feeling starts to return, and we start to run the show again. We must learn and remember that doing the simple things we did in the beginning is just as important when everything is good as it was when everything is bad.

Meditation for the Day

Just for today I will ask in prayer and meditation for my Higher Power to help give me the same desire and motivation to maintain my sobriety as I had in the beginning while getting sober. I will remember to continue to pray, meditate, and take inventory no matter what is going on in my life — when things are good or bad.