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March 25, 2022

Inspiration for the Day

We come into the rooms with a desperation to get sober. What we get is a design for living. If all we get from the 12-Steps is staying sober, we will miss out. We’ll miss out on learning to be better people. We won’t develop our connection with a Higher Power that gives us a purpose to help others. We get to restore our relationships with others and learn the defects we have that causes harm. We work the 12-Steps to stay sober, but what we get is an outline for living that gives us much more than sobriety.

Meditation for the Day

Today I will be grateful for the life I have gained from the 12-Step program. I will thank God in prayer and meditation for what I have received, which is so much more than I ever could have wanted or thought to ask for when I first attended a meeting.