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January 20, 2021

Inspiration for the Day

“In AA we have found that the actual good results of prayer are beyond question. They are matters of knowledge and experience. All those who have persisted have found strength not ordinarily of their own. They have found wisdom beyond their usual capability. And they have increasingly found peace of mind, which can stand firm in the face of difficult consequences.” – Bill W
The longer we stay sober the more we see the power of God working in our lives. We began to see the power of prayer through our experiences. Through our connection to a Higher Power, we see the wisdom and results from prayer and meditation. We see the peace of mind through even the most difficult circumstances.

Meditation for the Day

Today I will pray for the wisdom I will need for the day ahead. I will recognize the strength and peace of mind I have found through daily meditation and prayer. Today I will share these experiences with another person.