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January 18, 2021

Inspiration for the Day

“It must never be forgotten that the purpose of Alcoholics Anonymous is to sober up alcoholics. There is no religious or spiritual requirement for membership. No demands are made on anyone. An experience is offered which members may accept or reject. That is up to them.” – Bill W.
Sometimes we forget the purpose of AA is so very simple: to get sober. It is easy for us to demand things of others, to work the Steps, and to believe in a Higher Power. We can only suggest to others what worked for us based on our experiences. We can’t make anyone do anything. We can only help them to follow in our footsteps if they are willing and open.

Meditation for the Day

Just for today, I will remember I cannot be demanding of others. I will remember to show how the 12-Steps have worked in my life through my actions. I will remember that my actions are the best way to help others find their own paths.