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December 31, 2020

Inspiration for the Day

God’s time is always right now — this very moment. This is where we want to live. The truth is that we can only live where our feet are planted. But are our minds present with God? Are we living in God’s time or somewhere in the past and future? Peace and happiness are always found when we can live one day at a time. This is how we can ensure we will be sober for the rest of our lives.

Meditation for the Day

Today, I will live in the present moment while thinking of the Serenity Prayer. I will accept the things I cannot change. I’ll ask for the courage to change the things I can and for the wisdom when I’m not sure of the difference. I’ll remind myself that I’m living one day at a time and can only enjoy one moment at a time. I’ll pray for acceptance through hardships as a pathway to growth and peace.