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December 20, 2020

Inspiration for the Day

In the season of giving, what will we be giving to our family and loved ones? After some of us have hit hard bottom, we believe we have little to nothing to give. Others of us are blessed with many resources and have not lost everything. No matter where we find ourselves in the holiday season, we must remember that one of the best things we can give is the gift of being present to others. The biggest things in life are things no amount of money can buy but rather things that we can give by choosing to give our will and our lives over to God.

Meditation for the Day

I pray that God will find ways for me to be useful to everyone in my life and that no hardship or problems I may be having will stand in the way of my usefulness. I pray that I can be the rock in situations when my loved ones need me and bring love to others when they are in need.