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April 9, 2021

Inspiration for the Day

Balance is that precious middle ground that all of us in recovery desire. We have to take care of ourselves in every area. We mentally, physically, and spiritually have to nurture ourselves and our feelings. We need to be mindful to keep ourselves grounded. A recovery goal is to feel balanced and know that we don’t have to take on more than we can handle. Only we can permit ourselves to say no to loved ones, friends, or co-workers.
Did you know that “no” is a complete sentence? We don’t have to explain when we have to say no. Sometimes saying no is just for our good, our time management, and a reason not to overwhelm ourselves.

Meditation for the Day

Today I will stay in the middle and feel balanced. I will remain aware of what I need to do for myself to stay healthy. I will be gentle and loving with myself. I will put my program first and not feel guilty when I do so. My program is an essential part of who I am, and I am worth the effort.