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April 28, 2021

Inspiration for the Day

The only requirement for any 12-Step fellowship is the desire to quit drinking or using. This is in our traditions. Sometimes we might forget that the desire part does not always mean that someone shows up to a meeting sober. If a non-sober newcomer comes to a meeting, we should rally around them. They are at a meeting, which means they might have the desire to be sober. Sometimes, instead of offering the help they so desperately need, we judge that person and laugh at them. Maybe we stay away completely. We seem to forget the purpose is to help the still sick and suffering addict or alcoholic.

Meditation for the Day

May I ask for guidance in prayer and meditation for how to help the addict or alcoholic that is still sick and suffering. May I remember that the not-sober person at a meeting needs my help and not my judgment. May I ask God to help me to remember my primary purpose is to help others.