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Coping with Suicidal Thoughts

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Coping with Suicidal Thoughts

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

When living with addiction and mental health issues, our suicidal thoughts are some of the most painful and debilitating symptoms we commonly experience. Our toxic, self-destructive thought patterns convince us that we’re not good enough, that our trauma means we’re bad people, as well as that we are shameful and immoral. We tell ourselves we’re a burden to the other people in our lives, including our loved ones who only want us to be happy. We become convinced that they will be better off without us, and that our deaths will be doing everyone a favor. More than anything, we want relief from the emotional pain and distress we’ve been feeling for so long. We feel as though death is the only option for us to find that relief. We become so focused on suicide as the solution that we can become obsessed with it. We dismiss therapy, support groups, medication and holistic healing practices, telling ourselves that they won’t help and that we’re too far gone to get better. As painful as our suicidal thoughts can be, there are some things we can do to help ourselves move through them and finally find peace.

One way we can help ourselves deal with suicidal thoughts is to remember that they are just thoughts. We think countless thoughts a day, some of which make sense to us, many of which don’t. We latch onto the ones that we identify with, and as we continue to think them repeatedly, they become our beliefs and our recurring thought patterns. The ones that make us feel strong emotions are often the ones we become most attached to, forming obsessions in our minds. We often act on these obsessions with compulsions, which can include everything from self-harm to compulsively researching suicide. The more we can retrain our minds, through meditation and other forms of mindfulness, to see our thoughts for what they are – just thoughts – the more we can allow them to pass by without becoming so attached to them. We can let the energy of our thoughts, even the painful energy of suicidal thoughts, move through us rather than becoming stuck and causing us distress.

When we are faced with suicidal thoughts, we can tell ourselves, “These are just thoughts. These thoughts are telling me I have unresolved pain. I can investigate and examine my thoughts and my pain without acting on them. My mind is telling me I want to die, but our minds tell us all kinds of things that aren’t true. I want to live. I want to be happy. I want to get better.”

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