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Coping with Relapse

The journey of recovery will inevitably bring us huge challenges, times of self-doubt and worry, and difficult obstacles to overcome. We will question our ability to stay the course. We will doubt whether or not we have the strength to stay sober. We’ll feel down on ourselves and disappointed in ourselves for the mistakes we’ve made. Relapse is a common but understandable part of the recovery process. Many of us will experience a relapse in our own journeys, and while it can make us feel isolated and alone, we should remind ourselves that there are so many people going through the exact same thing. We can take solace in just how common relapse is, how common the bitterness of disappointment can be.

Our recovery program begins while we’re in treatment, but when we’re reintegrating back into our former lives is when we’ll start putting everything we’ve learned into practice. Perhaps we are discharging back home and won’t have the safety and security of being in a sober living environment. Outside of treatment, we won’t have the staff and community in recovery that became like a family to us. We can suddenly feel just as lost and alone as we did when hitting rock bottom. We’ll struggle with feelings of being overwhelmed, confusion, sadness, anxiety and turmoil. Our mental illnesses will be exacerbated. We’ll feel as though we’re being put to the test, and the truth is, we are. Our inner strength, resilience, and courage are being tested. Our faith in ourselves and our ability to recover are being tested. How we cope with the emotional struggles that arise in our recovery is ultimately the predictor of how well we will succeed. Practicing mindfulness to process and manage our emotions can make all the difference in how we cope with relapse. Developing a gratitude practice can help us stay focused on the positive, on all the blessings we have in our lives, to remind us why we want to stay on track with our recovery.

To help ourselves cope with relapse, let’s take full advantage of the resources being offered to us by our treatment centers, support groups and therapists. There are workshops, family therapy, outpatient services and aftercare programs, all designed to help us continue our recovery work, with the structure and support of receiving professional help. Rather than convincing ourselves that we should be able to cope on our own by now, that we have to do all of our healing alone, let’s reach out for the support that is available to us.

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