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Connie Motley Rejoins Origins Behavioral HealthCare

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Connie Motley – Clinical Director, Hanley Center at Origins

In her new role as Clinical Director, Connie will provide clinical leadership and administrative oversight to the substance use disorder treatment programs at Hanley Center. Having previously spent five years at Origins in South Padre Island, Connie is well versed in Origins’ treatment modalities and its commitment to the 12-Steps. Connie’s extensive industry knowledge and leadership experience help her to integrate the best therapies and techniques into patient programming. Connie has worked in private practice, in operations and management, and has served as Executive Director of the Oklahoma Substance Abuse Services Alliance. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology at the University of Oklahoma. Connie enjoys music, nature and spending time with her family.

What brings you back to the Origins family? 


I love the Origins treatment model and everything about Origins. It works – it really does! It was great to be able to go back home to Oklahoma City to help my aging Mother sell her home and get relocated and to feel at peace with this. And, I feel grateful to get back to Origins doing the work I love to do.


What do you love most about providing clinical guidance and teaching the spiritual principles of the 12-Steps to patients at Origins? 


The 12 Steps are how recovery is sustained after treatment, and completing 12 Step work while in treatment allows patients to engage in their clinical work at a deeper level. When taken globally, these two components are a powerful force. The hope that the spiritual principles deliver to everyone that decides to pick them up and utilize as life tools is incredible. I love seeing the lights come on in someone’s eyes once they securely attach themselves to the Step work with clinical support and begin to believe for themselves that there is a way out of their addiction.


Are you in recovery yourself? If so, what do you love most about being in recovery? 


My sobriety date is June 26, 1989. This date has become the most important one in my life. Recovery has allowed me to have a life filled with all of my hopes and dreams – several times over now. The steps give me a way of always knowing where I am on the radar. When life takes me off track, I can utilize the steps to know where I am and to quickly get back on track. Recovery keeps me spiritually centered and remembering just how big my god is. It keeps me building faith.

I love being part of a recovery fellowship that has newcomers coming in often. To watch someone’s life being restored is a privilege I find difficult to describe in words.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Do you have any pets or engage in special hobbies? 


Music is my passion and I love attending live music shows as well as listening to and learning new songs that grab my attention. I am a seeker and have continued to use Step 11 as a launch pad for continuing to grow spiritually. I am a big hiker and love to be outside in nature and to spend time with my daughter and my current running buddy, Rawlie; my 11 year old Bichon Frise. I am totally jazzed to be living back at the beach and looking forward to working with the staff and patients at Hanley Center.


Is there anything else you might like to share? 


I whole-heartedly believe in what we do at Origins and feel blessed to be here getting to participate in such wonderful work. I want to thank all the past patients and family members that I have met along my path at Origins. You have truly made my life’s work fulfilling and rewarding. You are the special ingredients that allow me to call my life rich and my experience priceless.