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5 Ways to Experience PNP at Home | Clinician’s…

Remember that feeling of clarity and serenity that descended upon you after engaging in a PsychoNeuroPlasticity session? Are you using those same tools today to align your mind, body, and spirit?

Here is a refresher of what you learned which we want you to use, at home, and for a lifetime:

1) How To Breathe

In some cultures, breath is the same term for spirit. When we learn how to breathe, we learn how to live fully. Breathing is the one activity we do until the day that we die. The way you breathe will drastically change the way you live your life. Diaphragmatic breathing ensures that you are dropping into your parasympathetic arousal state, straying from the need to fight, flight or freeze. We cannot change our brain if we do not learn how to relax. (PNP interventions: Basic Breathing, Biofeedback/emWave, Mindful Meditation)

2) Mindfulness

Most PNP sessions were directed to bring your mind, body and spirit into the here and now. Learning to live in the present moment shifts our brain in one of the most powerful ways. Mindfulness inspires faith in our Higher Power, with the understanding that when we are in the present moment we are not attempting to control the outcome. We can let go and give situations to our Higher Power. Living in the past instigates depression and living in the future propels anxiety. It is in the present moment that we achieve clarity. It is in the present moment that we can access our Spirit and Higher Power. (PNP interventions: Mindful Meditation, Visualization, Imagery, Aromas)

3) Positivity

Want certain neural pathways to be reinforced? Sprinkle positivity to them. One of the most powerful ways to strengthen neuronal networks is to use positive reinforcement. At PNP, we taught you how to re-train your brain for positivity.

First step to re-wiring the brain is to become aware of your thoughts. From this awareness, you can observe which thoughts you want changed. Second step is deciding how you want to change your negative neural pathways. Calling yourself a schmuck is not conducive to recovery, but saying “I can do this” will greatly change your perspective. Third step is to catch those negative thoughts and change them immediately to the positive statement.

Repetition is key here. Repeating a statement 1,000 times lays down a neural pathway in the brain so keep practicing! (PNP interventions: BAUD- Neurotherapy, 20 Qualities, Positive Affirmations, Mental Rehearsal, Mindful Meditation, Ceremonies and Ritual)

4) Connection to your Higher Power

Here is a bonus insight: Everything that you learned at PNP was to provide the space and tools for a spiritual awakening. Our job at PNP was to assist you to remove barriers that were getting in your way of connecting whole-heartedly to the 12 Steps. Barriers could have included anxiety, depression, self-esteem challenges, etc. When you begin to shovel away at these barriers, you become more spiritually free, and more cognizant of your internal self and the externals around you.

In each minute of the day, there is an allowance for at least 100 spiritual experiences. It just depends on how awake and aware you are to receive these spiritual cues. When we are awake to these messages, we can cultivate gratitude and connect to our Higher Power at any moment, anywhere we are. (PNP interventions: Sensory Deprivation Chamber, Meditation, Ceremony and Ritual, Meditative Journeying, Mindful Meditation, Sleep Program)

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