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Clinical Overview of the Recovery Experience

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Amelia Island, FL | July 16th – 19th, 2017


The CORE conference highlights the critical importance of 12-Step processes and abstinence-based recovery and presents new options for productively integrating useful clinical tools into a larger recovery-oriented treatment culture.


Origins Behavioral HealthCare is proud to be a founding patron of this annual conference. We are also pleased to announce that members of Team Origins will be presenting at two workshops, as well as serving as a panel speaker for Tuesday evening’s plenary. See below for a schedule of these events.

Monday Workshops

PsychoNeuroPlasticity and Addiction Recovery

Origins’ renowned PsychoNeuroPlasticity team, Dr. Barbara S. Peavey and Laura Martinez, LCDCI

Monday, 10:45A – 12:15P

Level of Instruction: Introductory/Intermediate

Principles and practices of psychoneuroplasticity in addiction treatment will be explained. Intentionally adding dimensions of brain health will be explained, as well methods of brain training to help heal, enliven, and direct the brain will be covered.
Business Development/Service & Support – Accountability, Transparency, and Integrity: A Business Development Solution-Focused Panel

Featuring Origins’ VP of Professional Relations, Rick Hubbard alongside Ruth Ann Rigby

Monday, 2:00 – 5:45P

Level of Instruction: Intermediate/Advanced

This workshop will cover a broad range of responsibilities and knowledge needed to be successful Business Development professional while maintaining integrity the addiction treatment industry. Significant attention will be spent considering the ethical responsibilities inherent to the field as well as practices outside of the norm. We will discuss key driving principles including: Evolution and status of the addiction treatment industry; Statistics; Trends and goals of treatment; Business Development’s strategic role in the continuum of care; Funding, Reimbursement and Incentives; Best Practices; Ethical guidelines and responsibilities; and Codes of Conduct. Small group discussions will also be part of the experiential nature of the Program.


Tuesday Evening Plenary


Recovery is Cheap, Relapse is Expensive: Reducing Behavioral Healthcare Costs in Emerging Adult Populations

Featuring Origins Recovery Centers’ Chief Medical Officer, Alex Kudisch, MD, DFAPA  alongside Andrew Burki, Tim Rabolt, and Frank Jones

Tuesday, 6:00 – 7:30P

Level of Instruction: All

We find ourselves facing an unprecedented challenge in the history of modern substance use disorder treatment. The efficacy and value of clinical care are under widespread attack. This panel will discuss root causes for the current landscape and present viable solutions to the systemic issues facing clients, their families, insurance providers, and treatment professionals. As part of the discussion we will review improving best practice through the establishment of recovery capitol in conjunction with clinical and outpatient services; discuss the utilization of medication assisted treatment in abstinence based clinical models, and develop a macro level understanding of the relationship between behavioral healthcare costs and the efficacy of treatment episodes.