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Checking In During Holiday Plans

By Meghan Brooks | Director of Admissions

The holidays can be full of joy, presents, decorations, and services. They can also bring up a lot of stress and anxiety. The extensive plans, travel, and too little (or too much) downtime can be overwhelming.

Your holiday plans probably do not resemble the Norman Rockwell ideal, and that is entirely OK.

Take a moment to celebrate whatever your day looks like and brings for you, whether fancy dinners with extended family, pajamas all day with Netflix, volunteering for a shelter, or running a Turkey Trot 5K or half marathon.

Release your expectations and holiday guilt.

Perspective can be the killer of all things good or the maker of all things magical.

If you find yourself with family or friends you have not seen in a while, check-in and see how people are doing. Families and friends are likely getting together for the first time in many months or years. Since mental health issues and addiction can thrive in isolation, as we experienced during the pandemic, I hope we will be less likely to look the other way.

If you get to spend time with loved ones this year, be mindful of their health and wellbeing.

Time apart can highlight the progression of addiction, alcoholism, and struggles with mental health. If your gut says something is off, ask if the individual is OK.

In my opinion, something extraordinary that has come on the heels of the isolation and stress surrounding the past two years has been an unprecedented acknowledgment of the importance of mental health awareness. No longer hidden in shame and shrouded by insincere social media posts, people share where they are and how they feel. Let’s take a moment to celebrate that, in whatever form that takes.

From my heart to yours, I wish you a happy, healthy, and abundant holiday season.



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