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Changing Our Mentality for a Healthier Lifestyle


When we are working to recover, there are some changes we need to make to our lifestyles and our behaviors to help us stay on track with our sobriety. Unfortunately, our daily lives before recovery were centered around substances and the wide variety behaviors that accompany addiction. Our thoughts and our focus revolved around how we could maintain our addictions and continue to get high – even when we wanted to stay sober. In recovery, we will need to revamp our lifestyles so that they can support our healing rather than our addictive patterns. We’ll need to make changes to our daily routines and our ways of thinking in order to bolster our chances for recovery. We don’t want to be doing things that make our recovery harder or that prevent us from getting better.

Relationships During Addiction

Addiction and the patterns of behavior that accompany it include our routines, our relationships, our ways of relating to ourselves and other people, how we operate in the world, and how we think about things. These things all contribute to the formation of our mentality around our addictions and our recovery. Before recovery, substance use was the center of our world. We constructed our routines around how we could maintain our addictions. We concealed our behaviors and our usage from the people in our lives who might be worried or try to intervene. We gave more time to the people who condoned our addictions, namely the other addicted people in our lives. We fell into cycles of enabling each other’s addictions, covering for each other, and helping each other get away with our self-harm. We stopped caring about the other things and people in our lives, because our minds became so corrupted by our addictions and our desperate need to get high. We prioritized our addictions over everything else in our lives, our work, our families and our interests. We became shadows of our former selves, hollow, empty and solely focused on how we could maintain our high without being deterred. Our lifestyles revolved around our addictions so much so that our regular lives became distant memories. Our former peace of mind and happiness no longer felt attainable.

Changing How We Relate

Changing our lifestyles to support our recovery means first and foremost transforming the mentality that tells us we need our addictions in order to be happy. We want to start basing our routines, our relationships, and how we function in a way that prioritizes health and well-being. Not only does this involve the delusion-busting work of recovery, but it requires that we create a mindset around wellness. This includes reaffirming that we deserve to be happy, that we are capable of healing, and that we are able to fully recover from addiction. Once we’ve created a better mentality for ourselves around sobriety, it will be much easier to naturally create healthier lifestyles that support the discipline, commitment, and care for others that permanent recovery requires.

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