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Resolving Long-Term Trauma through Treatment

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People who have been in treatment multiple times may not realize what’s making it harder to stay sober after a program. One of the factors our treatment team sees affecting recovery regularly is trauma. Those traumatic experiences could be from when you were a kid, a teen, or even since you became an adult. We’ve… Read On »

Training Our Brains to Recognize Positivity

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Our brains are prone to negativity. In neuroscience, scientists and researchers call this the “negativity bias.” Since we are inherently social animals fighting for survival, it’s pertinent for us to take special note of negative situations or feelings, as they might be a threat to our longevity. Unfortunately, we can internalize and catastrophize negative messages… Read On »

The Benefits of Individual and Group Therapy Sessions

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Most treatment programs offer a hybrid of individual and group therapy sessions, which has proven to be effective in creating substantial progress for the healing process. While individual therapy sessions can offer a set pace for a patient’s growth and therapeutic work, the speed of group therapy sessions can be somewhat unpredictable due to the… Read On »

Why Trauma-Informed Care Matters

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For many years, the disease of addiction was seen and treated as a singular issue without proper cause or any contributing factor, confounding doctors and researchers alike. Today, we have a comprehensive understanding of what can contribute to the pain and suffering of addiction, from neuroscience to genetics to the experience of trauma. Trauma is… Read On »