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Easy Does It, Inc. of Bern Township marks 25…

ReadingEagle.com – By Beth Anne Heesen Chris Raymer looked at his wife with tears in his eyes after a domestic disturbance and promised her that he would stop drinking. “When I told her that I was going to quit, I meant it,” Raymer, who’s been sober for 27 years, told the crowd at Easy Does It, Inc.’s 25th anniversary celebration at the Inn of Reading in Wyomissing. Raymer lives in Texas, where he works for Origins Recovery Center. “I meant

Spice Takes a Hit from the DEA

State of Texas as well as federal officials are taking regulatory action against a popular synthetic drug called “spice” or “K2″. The Washington State Department of Health stated that the drug, also known as K2 among other names, is a type of synthetic cannabis or THC. The drug, which contains cannabinoids similar to THC is manufactured in a lab and then is sprayed onto a plant-type incense. The product experienced a recent surge in popularity with younger adults and adolescents.

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