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Benzodiazepines: The FDA Finally Took a Step

Terry Shapiro, MS, CAC – Vice President and Executive Director of Hanley Center and Florida Programs When you get to be my age, the question starts to be asked a little more frequently: “What are you going to do when you retire?” Since my dream of becoming a major league baseball player is probably out of reach at this point, I say, “I am going to fight the way benzodiazepines are prescribed in the world.” Well, this past week, the

Overdose Awareness Day: What You Need To Know

International Overdose Awareness Day (IOAD) is a global event held on August 31st each year. IOAD aims to raise awareness of drug overdose and reduce the stigma of a drug-related death.  The United States accounts for over 25% of the estimated number of drug-related deaths worldwide, including overdose deaths. From 1999–2018, almost 450,000 people died from an overdose involving an opioid, including prescription and illicit opioids. The CDC estimates that over 70,000 died from fatal drug-overdoses in 2019. Today, the

Quandary in a Conundrum: Addiction and ADHD

By Dr. John Dyben, DHSc, MCAP, CMHP – Chief Clinical Officer  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and addiction may have a cozier relationship than many realize, at least according to much of the scientific literature. Recent studies have presented estimates that the prevalence of ADHD in adults with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) might be around 20% as opposed to 2.5% in adults without SUD. The actual incidence is difficult to estimate, given the fact that some symptoms of addiction can

Understanding Origins’ ASAM Certification

By Dr. Raju Mangrola, M.D. – Chief Psychiatrist, Origins Behavioral HealthCare Origins Behavioral HealthCare is uniquely positioned to provide the most intensive level of treatment for medically and psychiatrically complex patients with substance use disorders. Origins’ program is one of very few that provides treatment at the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Criteria level of 3.5 or 3.7, indicating medically complex care for patients who require intensive inpatient treatment. 3.5 and 3.7 ASAM Criteria Levels The 3.5 and 3.7

The Power of Age-Specific Programming

Brad Sylvain – Vice President of Operations A common misconception I have experienced during my recovery journey, as well as in my professional career in behavioral health, is the idea that someone may be too young or too old to seek treatment. This message leaves us with the mistaken belief that young people are just “going through a phase” or the idea that “Grandpa has nothing better to do than drink.” Drug or alcohol addiction can happen at any stage,

Measurements and Meaning: Advancing MBC and Research in Behavioral…

Dr. John Dyben, DHSc, MCAP, CMHP|Chief Clinical Officer Today we understand substance use disorders and addictions better than we ever have, and yet, we have so much more to learn. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), as of 2018, there were around 14,500 facilities in the US treating addiction. One would think that with this level of work happening across the country, we must be learning and improving care all of the time. Unfortunately, this is not

Team Spotlight – Deb Kuzmin, LCSW, Vice President of…

We are pleased to announce that Deborah Kuzmin, LCSW, has been promoted to Vice President of Clinical Services. Since 1996, Deb has dedicated her entire career to the study and treatment of substance use and mental health issues affecting people of all ages. She has worked as a crisis hotline volunteer, discharge planner, therapist, director of case management, and as a clinical supervisor. Deb will work directly with our Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. John Dyben, to optimize all of our clinical


Terry Shapiro has a long, successful leadership history with company DALLAS, TEXAS (May 21, 2020) – Jim Caldwell, Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s President and CEO, has promoted Terry Shapiro to Vice President and Executive Director of the company’s Florida programs. These programs include Hanley Center, a preeminent provider of addiction treatment for over 30 years. Shapiro joined Origins in 2015, serving first as a Professional Relations Officer before being promoted in 2018 to Regional Vice President of Professional Relations. Shapiro is


DALLAS, Texas – Origins Behavioral HealthCare, which has been headquartered in Dallas since 2017, will begin to offer virtual clinical services through its new location Origins Counseling Dallas, located at 12870 Hillcrest Rd. Originally scheduled to open with a full suite of traditional one-on-one and group counseling appointments, leadership at Origins Behavioral Healthcare has adjusted opening plans to include virtual care in light of recent social distancing precautions around COVID-19. “With the increased demand for services focused on helping those

Recognizing Addiction During A National Pandemic

Alcoholism, drug addiction, and substance use disorders lead to – and flourish in – isolation and secrecy. But, as people with addiction are forced to quarantine with their loved one, signs of substance use that may have been hidden from view come to the forefront. Substance use is often the central organizing principle of a person’s life, and this does not stop when liquor stores close, drugs are less accessible, or social distancing orders are put into effect. Friends and family who

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