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Fun in Sobriety

Yes, there’s fun ahead in sobriety. True fun.

Those in 12 Step Fellowships know that in recovery, “We are not a glum lot.”

Though a life of sobriety may seem lackluster to those in active addiction, people in recovery understand that freedom and happiness can become a reality. At Origins, we believe that a sense of camaraderie and joy can return during treatment and continue long after it. It is our goal to model this for patients at Origins. As a team, we do this through a wide range of services both during and after treatment.

Look at your life as a drinker or user and ask this question: is what I’m presently experiencing actually fun or am I chasing a distant memory of having fun? Is trying to control or quit drinking true fun? Is hiring a lawyer and going to court for a drunk driving offense any fun? Having someone ask if you remember what you did at the party the night before, fun? Having a spouse perpetually angry with you? Is the desperate feeling inside a definition of fun?

For most, drinking ceased to be fun long before we ceased drinking.

Immersion in the Fellowship of the Spirit

The 12 Step immersion experience provides not only a framework for sobriety but an entrance to the Fellowship within dynamic and lively 12 Step programs. Our team of hand-selected Recovery Advocates, many of whom are in recovery themselves, serve as prime examples of the freedom possible through sobriety. Every day, our teams orient patients to the 12 Steps by providing support and encouragement during the recovery process. Whether it be on leisurely outings, adventurous off-campus experiences, or within the safe environment of treatment, patients at Origins are shown (rather than merely taught) how to live a life that is truly worth living. For more information on our program, simply click here.

Alumni Community

Our Alumni Community members are constantly enjoying the benefits of fellowship through events, small gatherings, 12 Step recovery meetings, and aftercare services. Origins has hundreds of alumni who are actively engaged in recovery. Many are willing to show others how to have a good time being a part of it. They are available for sponsorship, friendship, or both. For more information on our Alumni Community, please click here.

“Your imagination will be fired. Life will mean something at last. The most satisfactory years of your existence lay ahead. Thus we find the fellowship, and so will you.”