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Typical Day in Treatment

iStock_000019761977LargeA typical day in treatment at Origins Recovery Centers is patient-driven. Patients in need of age-specific, gender-separate or gender-specific individual and group treatment options receive them. Therapies are specifically recommended for every individual by a multidisciplinary team of treatment professionals.

Daily schedules are designed to address an individual’s goals and progress in treatment.

Group Descriptions:

Meditation: A period of daily reading, personal reflection and goal setting exercises begin the day.

Lecture: Psycho-educational topics regarding disease process and recovery tools are discussed. These may include 12-Step recovery, medical complications and psychological effects of disease addiction such as grief, loss and cross-addiction.

Big Book Study Group: This group, taught by world-class recovery speakers and passionate staff members, offers a place for patients to learn about the original spiritual program of action in its entirety.

Morning Group Therapy: Counselors lead these clinical processing peer groups where patients have the opportunity to consider various aspects of their addiction history, treatment progress and recovery goals.

Case Load: Small group work with their assigned counselor provides additional peer interaction and support.

Wellness: Recreational time focused on enhancing holistic wellness for mind, body and spirit may include individual time in the gym or pool or participation in an experiential group activity with a wellness coordinator.

12-Step Small Groups: During this group, patients divide into groups based on the Step they are currently working on in order to discuss their concerns and receive direction from 12-Step staff.

Personal Narrative: Patients have the chance to share or listen to personal stories of disease and the process toward recovery.

12-Step Meetings: Meetings provide a place for patients to begin engaging in the fellowship. These include both on-campus and off-campus experiences.

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