Typical Day in Treatment

A multidisciplinary team recommends treatments tailored for each individual.

A typical day in treatment at Origins is patient-driven. We offer age-specific, gender-separate or gender-specific individual and group treatment options as a central component of our programming. Therapies are specifically recommended for every individual by a multidisciplinary team of treatment professionals.

Individual Therapy

Every person in Origins’ care is assigned a primary therapist who works alongside the patient and their family to develop an individualized treatment plan. Our treatment plans leverage Origins’ unique combination of medical, clinical, and spiritual services. Once per week, patients meet with their therapist to track their progress. These therapists also utilize a wide range of treatment modalities that are designed to tackle the patient’s individual needs.

Group Descriptions

Our daily schedules are designed to address an individual’s goals and progress in treatment. The following groups may be assigned as a component of each individual’s treatment plan.

A period of daily reading, personal reflection, and goal-setting exercises begin the day.
Psycho-educational topics regarding disease process and recovery tools are discussed. These may include 12-Step recovery, medical self-care, and how to manage the psychological effects of addiction such as grief, loss, and cross-addiction.
This group, taught by world-class recovery speakers and passionate staff members, offers a place for patients to learn about the original spiritual program of action in its entirety.
Counselors lead these clinical processing peer groups where patients have the opportunity to consider various aspects of their addiction history, treatment progress, and recovery goals.
Recreational time focused on enhancing holistic wellness for mind, body, and spirit may include individual time in the gym or pool or participation in an experiential group activity with a wellness coordinator.
During this group, patients divide into groups based on the Step they are currently working on in order to discuss their concerns and receive direction from 12-Step staff.
Patients have the chance to share or listen to personal stories of disease and the process toward recovery.
Meetings provide a place for patients to begin engaging in the fellowship. These include both on-campus and off-campus experiences.
The psychological services department helps our patients to develop a healthy approach to sleep.

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