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Family Program FAQs

iStock_000015914663LargeWhy do you think I have been impacted?
As you will learn and experience in this intensive Family Program, the negative influences to the family unit as a whole are sometimes subtle and sometimes glaring.

Why do I need to attend the whole week?
Each of the five days in our carefully designed program is structured specifically through uniquely-crafted, group therapy sessions of different types to help shed light on these influences for you personally. You need to be present for all sessions for your own maximum benefit and to minimize disruptions to the group.

How am I going to benefit?
It is critical as a family member you hear the message that not only does your loved one need your involvement in their treatment but that you deserve your own recovery regardless of the ultimate outcome of your loved one’s choices. You will leave with the tools necessary to develop healthy, non-destructive coping methods.

How do I assess if I have a drinking problem?

Do I need to remove all alcohol from our home?

What are some other examples of commonly abused drugs?

What happens if a patient revokes releases? Can I still come for my own support?