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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the treatment and structured services at Origins Behavioral HealthCare:

Q: What will my costs be for treatment?

A:  The cost of primary residential care includes housing, meals and therapeutic services. These services include assessments and detoxification, psychiatric evaluation and follow-up, psycho-education, and psychological, spiritual, wellness, and addiction therapies. Ancillary services may include adjunct medical care, as well as prescribed medications, acupuncture, and therapeutic massage. Please contact an Origins Admission Specialist for specifics regarding cost.

Fees for Intensive Outpatient Services are based on the offerings of that specific program.

Q: Does Origins provide detoxification services? Is detox available separately from primary treatment?

A: Origins offers carefully monitored, inpatient medical detoxification. Detox is included in our residential treatment programs. 

Q: How are families involved in the treatment process?

A.: Origins considers alcoholism and drug addiction to be family diseases that affect the entire family system. Families are encouraged to participate in our Family Programs which combine education, support, and therapeutic interaction with other families and the patient.

Q: What substance use disorder treatment programs does Origins Behavioral HealthCare offer?

A: We offer patient-driven care and individualized programming. Origins offers age-specific, gender-specific, and gender-separate treatment programs with both residential and outpatient services for adults. Program recommendations depend on individual assessments and include:

  • Women’s, Men’s, and Older Adult Recovery
  • A platinum addiction treatment program for adult executives
  • Intensive Outpatient programming
  • Family Programs which are offered at no cost to all family members and close friends of the patient
Q: Do you treat mental disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder?

A:  Yes. Many patients who enter treatment at Origins suffer from co-occurring mental disorders such anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorders. These conditions must be treated alongside the disease of addiction. Origins provides additional services to these patients through psychiatric evaluation and medication management as well as counseling services and psychological group therapy.

Q. Are there full-time psychiatrists and psychologists on staff?

A: Yes. Origins’ multidisciplinary team includes expert psychiatrists and psychologists who treat substance use and co-occurring disorders.

Q. What does a typical day look like during the program at Origins?

A: A typical daily schedule may include psycho-education and elements of group and individual therapies which address addiction, wellness, spirituality, and psychology. Specialized topics may consist of co-occurring disorders or life issues such as grief and loss. Patients share meals together and have time for meditation and rest, and they also attend 12-Step meetings.

Q:  Does Origins offer 12-Step substance use disorder treatment?

A: Treatment at Origins is based on the 12-Step paradigm and is approached from a spiritual rather than a religious perspective. Our treatment plans are individualized to help patients approach the 12-Steps according to what their relationship is with a Higher Power of their own understanding.

Q: How are Origins’ campuses structured?

A: In Texas, Origins South Padre and Hannah’s House by Origins are both located in beautiful resort-grade settings on South Padre Island. With access to plenty of outdoor open spaces, these welcoming, gender-specific residences offer ample meeting areas, as well as comfortable spaces to relax quietly or commune with others. Origins’ men’s facility centers around a lush, tropical courtyard where patients also have access to a large pool. Hannah’s House for women is an intimate two-story facility nestled directly on the Laguna Madre Bay.

Walkways connect buildings and residences in the open, college-like campus of Hanley Center at Origins in the tropical landscape of West Palm Beach, Florida. One-story structures provide easy accessibility for all mobility levels. A Resource Center with an auditorium, administrative offices, and meeting rooms anchors the South Florida campus on 45th Street. Patients have access to indoor and outdoor recreation and fitness facilities.

Private, elegantly appointed suites are “home” for our patients of HeadWaters at Origins. This luxurious residence on Singer Island in Florida helps individuals rest, reflect, share, and stay focused on recovery

Q: Do you offer follow-up after discharge?

A: Each patient is discharged with a thorough discharge plan through our Continuing Care department. We work with patients and their families to set up a plan with multiple points of contact, and connect them to their personal alumni specialist. These Alumni Services team members actively engage our alumni and are available to provide a lifetime of support. Our graduates are also welcome to participate in local and annual alumni events in both Texas and Florida.

Q: How long has Origins been in existence?

A: Origins Behavioral HealthCare has over 35 combined years of experience treating issues of substance use.

Q: Why would I choose Origins for substance use disorder treatment? What makes it different than other treatment centers?

A. Origins specializes in innovative and evidence-based, age-and gender-specific programs. We are pioneers of Older Adult treatment and were among one of the first facilities to offer gender-specific treatment. Our programs stand out in their capacity to treat both medical and mental co-occurring conditions while providing quality medical care related to detoxification and the complications of addiction.

Q: What should I pack? What should I leave at home?

A: We want your recovery experience to be comfortable. You can leave your formal shoes and clothes at home and bring comfortable casual clothing. If you have questions, your Admissions Specialist can help.

Here are some suggested items to bring:

  • Comfortable walking shoes, sandals or water shoes to wear around the pool and tennis/athletic shoes
  • One pair of close-toed shoes for experiential and wellness activities
  • A couple of warm sweaters and sweatshirts
  • Light jacket or rain jacket
  • Swimming attire and a cover-up
  • Comfortable sleepwear and a robe
  • Underwear
  • Hat or visor and sunglasses
  • Trousers, shorts, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, or blouses
  • Sweat pants, if you wish
  • Personal toiletries and cosmetics that do not contain alcohol
  • Hair dryer
  • Sunscreen
  • We allow string instruments, harmonicas, and small wind instruments on our campuses. Please understand possession of an instrument is a privilege which can be restricted by campus staff at any time.

*Laundry detergent is available on campus

Please do not bring:

  • Short shorts or midriff-length t-shirts
  • Cumbersome jewelry
  • Dressy clothing, including high-heeled shoes
  • Sports equipment
  • Aerosols or perfumes/colognes
  • Vaporizers and “e-liquids”

Laptops, cell phones or other electronic gear will not be accessible during primary treatment unless previously arranged with an Admissions Specialist. We are, however, happy to keep them safe for you.


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