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Origins Behavioral Healthcare: Inhalants
Origins Behavioral Healthcare: Inhalants

Inhalants and the Brain

This particular drug of choice constitutes one of the greatest neurological dangers posed by any form of recreational drugs. In fact, the data and clinical observation suggests that the damage done to one’s brain by huffing/inhaling holds the greatest degree of permanency and takes the longest amount of time to fully recover from. The damage you are doing to your brain may very well be permanent, so there is no time like the present to stop the harm. We can absolutely help.

The greatest tragedy involved within the use of inhalants is that quite often those who use these drugs are often very young. Things like spray paint, duster, and glue are very easy for young people to obtain. We have seen a stark rise in the use of such inhalants among adolescents over the course of the past few decades.

Inhalants and Young People

As well, we have seen a lot of patients who have used amyl/butyl nitrates or “poppers” which are often initially used for their sexual enhancing properties. Unfortunately, many of our inhalant addicted patients have reported that their reliance upon poppers progressed to where they were uninterested in sexual intercourse without it. In time, this turned into really no interest in anything at all but the poppers.

Treatment Modalities

Inhalant addiction is a very real problem and is not something a person can generally overcome on their own. They need effective clinical and medical support, which is precisely what the therapeutic setting of Origins will provide. Our comprehensive treatment plans include:

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