Addictions We Treat

You can’t quit. You can’t control it. Millions of people have experienced this same battle. And today, they are free from the obsession to drink and use.

Origins Behavioral Healthcare: Addictions We Treat
Origins Behavioral Healthcare: Addictions We Treat

Many of the staff members at Origins are in recovery—others have watched a loved one in the same situation. As therapists, nurses, doctors, advocates, and addiction specialists, we’ve been a part of the same journey you may be on, and we’ve emerged with a newfound sense of peace.

The good news is that one of our Admissions Specialists can speak with you now, admit you today, and begin delivering a solution the moment you arrive at one of our residential or outpatient programs. We provide a seamless integration of solutions that support your long-term recovery.

We Offer Personalized Care for a Wide Range of Drug & Alcohol Addictions

We know that keeping you comfortable throughout the detox and recovery process will allow you the greatest opportunity for long-term healing. Therefore, we assess each patient and provide supportive, personalized care based on the substance or substances used, length of use, and personal preference.

Our treatment programs address addictions to substances such as the following:


As a sedative, alcohol alters neurotransmitters in your brain, and heavy drinking has been shown to alter your brain’s chemistry. Withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening, so we combine MAT, or medication-assisted treatment, for alcoholism, round-the-clock medical supervision, and specialized addiction treatment services to help get you on the path to wellness in the safest and most comfortable way possible.


There is a risk of dependence and dangerous withdrawal symptoms associated with benzodiazepines, which are powerful prescription drugs. Our goal is to keep you comfortable, safe, and supported throughout the detox and recovery process by providing evidence-based interventions, psychiatric services, and more.


Despite the misconception that stimulants are simple to detox from, cocaine can cause serious cardiovascular problems during withdrawal. In addition to providing you with a restful space to start your cocaine recovery journey, we closely monitor your health so that if any issues arise, we can address them immediately as you detox.


The process of detoxing from heroin can be painful. As a result, withdrawal poses a high risk of relapse. Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable and safe throughout the detox process by providing a range of MAT options alongside timeless recovery principles taught by supportive staff.


A powerful and highly addictive stimulant, methamphetamine impacts the central nervous system. As part of your treatment for meth addiction, we provide comprehensive detoxification to keep you comfortable, and caring therapy to address any psychological damage caused by the drug.


The use of marijuana directly impacts the functioning of the brain, particularly the parts responsible for memory, learning, attention, decision-making, coordination, emotions, and reaction time. We provide comprehensive care to help heal your brain at our Center for Brain Recovery, along with effective counseling services to help recover your mental health.


Crack is a highly addictive and powerful stimulant derived from powdered cocaine, which produces a very quick, intense high. Due to this, crack addiction causes symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and intense cravings for the drug. Our supportive and caring staff will be there starting with detox to provide you with the support, monitoring, and care you need.

Ecstasy (MDMA)

The synthetic drug 3,4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine (MDMA) is sometimes called Ecstasy, X, or Molly. It alters perception and mood. The use of MDMA affects the brain and its production of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. As part of our holistic approach to ecstasy detox, MDMA recovery, and wellness, we offer you access to the Center for Brain Recovery alongside the top evidence-based therapies.


Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) depresses the central nervous system. In addition to being addictive, GHB withdrawal can be incapacitating and severe. We provide close medical supervision to ensure you remain safe and comfortable during detox. Our caring and compassionate staff will remain with you throughout your recovery process.


Inhalant addiction is a real problem that can be difficult to overcome on your own. Among all recreational drugs, this drug poses one of the most significant neurological risks. Our clinical and medical support includes cutting-edge neurological interventions to help you heal your brain while you recover from addiction.

Psychedelics/LSD & Mushrooms

There are many hallucinogenic drugs and psychedelics, including LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline/peyote, and others. Psychedelics may be euphoric when used, but they can damage the brain’s neurotransmitters over time. We offer evidence-based neurological interventions, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychiatric services, and more to help you heal your brain during your recovery program.

If you or your loved one are struggling with addiction, help is available. Our admissions team is here 24/7 to get you started on your path toward recovery. Reach out today at 561-841-1296.

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