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A Design for Living – Alumni Testimonial

Natalie I. – Hanley Center Alumnus

My name is Natalie and I am an alcoholic/addict and proud Origins Alumni.

When I came to Origins, I was a broken and defeated woman. My life was filled with empty relationships and my disappointments. Everything I worked hard for was gone except for the few that never gave up on me due to my disease. I thank those few every day for placing me into Origins.

I did not know how to stop drinking. Like so many, once I started, I could not stop.

I could not function without alcohol and I could not function with it. I was no longer an active participant in my own life; I decided it was time to start living. At Origins, we had a small community that we leaned on, along with learning how to live again from our therapists, RA’s, and executive team. Our RA, Bart Ross, studied the big book with us every day and the power of the AA community.

AA was not just about going to a meeting, it was a design for living – and it works.

I had to find a Higher Power and become spiritually woke. Before coming to Origins, I did not understand this, nor would conceive to it. I got sober because I wanted a better life; I stay sober because I have one. Today I am an active participant in my life. I am a mother, a boss, a friend, a daughter, none of which I am able to do if I do not stay sober. My sobriety comes first to live the life I have today.

Sobriety definitely did not come easy for me but it has taught me patience, humility, and acceptance.

I am so grateful to Origin’s, God, and the people that never gave up on me.

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