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A Common Solution

by Kellye DeBerry, Alumni Coordinator, Hanley Center at Origins

Every time I attend our Alumni Meeting or Anniversary Night at Hanley Center at Origins, I am blown away by the power of the Fellowship!

Every Tuesday night, the Alumni Meeting is packed – and I mean PACKED – full of people on fire for recovery, sharing their experience, strength, and hope. The encouragement and compassion for others is like none other I have experienced in my life. Everyone rallies together to share in the joy and laughter as well as the pain and the heartaches that happen in their peer’s lives.

We are “people who normally would not mix,” but we all have a common solution, and our purpose is to share that with others.

Today, I am grateful that I was shown that those in recovery are bound not only by a common problem, but by a common solution. I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to be a part of that solution which binds our alumni together. When we join that path shoulder to shoulder, we are guided toward a way of living that resonates with freedom and love.

As both a staff member as well as an alum, there is no greater joy than seeing this miracle take shape in the lives of the patients at Hanley Center at Origins.

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