Seeking help for a loved one

To the Loved Ones of an Addict:

Thank you for seeking more information about our drug and alcohol treatment centers, Origins Recovery Centers, for your loved one afflicted with substance addiction. We are very aware that you are quite likely in a place of turmoil and unrest due to the addict in your life and we seek to provide you remedy to this unfortunate way of living, so that you can have your loved one back, happy and healthy, living a life of abundance, free from the confines of addiction.

We do not wish to alarm you unnecessarily and you are probably well aware of this, but it is of the utmost importance than we state the following to you in no uncertain terms: alcoholism and drug addiction are very serious, life-threatening diseases which are progressive in nature and if left untreated they will lead to the early demise of the sufferer. In other words, this is a life and death situation you and your loved one are facing. As such, we take our work very seriously and we will labor tirelessly to teach your loved one the specifics of living a proper, recovery-based lifestyle devoid of substances. As well, we have spared no expense in procuring the very best in medical oversight for our clients so that their recovery is augmented by the finest techniques the medical profession can provide for the recovering addict seeking permanent sobriety.

Below we have organized this section by “drug of choice” so that you can seek more information on the addict in your life, based on our experience of others like them, specified by the manner in which they are presently harming themselves. Instead of reading on, if you would prefer to just speak with someone immediately, you may always call 1-888-U-GET-WELL at any time, as we are always happy to speak with you.

I really would like to commend you for being willing to love the addict in your life enough to help them get the help they need so desperately. So many addicts and alcoholics are not so fortunate. Please rest assured in their time with us, your loved one will be under the purview of the most competent and most caring addiction professionals you can provide for them. Our sincerest hope and goal, one that we all pursue to the point of obsession, is that we will return your loved one to you healthy and firmly in recovery, armed with the tools necessary for life of freedom from their addiction.



Robert Park, LCDC
Executive Director
Origins Recovery Centers

What is their drug of choice?

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Polysubstance Abuse


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