Support Team

Josh Slay – Lead Recovery Advocate

Josh is a lifelong Texan born in Fort Worth. Winning his own battle with addiction and alcoholism, he now brings his extensive knowledge and experience with him as he carries the message of recovery to treatment centers and detoxification units across Texas. What he truly enjoys and specializes in is working one-on-one with clients who are in the early stages of trying to conquer their demons. He gets great satisfaction watching and helping hopeless alcoholics reunite with their families and become productive members of society. For fun he loves to watch and play any type sport, expanding his love of all types of music and spending time with family.

Ramon Rodriguez – Shift Lead Recovery Advocate

Ramon Rodriguez_SmRamon was born in the Rio Grande Valley of deep south Texas. Ramon has worked in various roles within the addiction treatment field and he is driven by his passion for 12 Step-based recovery. Ramon has enjoyed continuous sobriety since May 15, 1987. Since then, he has steadily grown into a spiritual way of life. Ramon enjoys being of service inside and outside of 12-step groups. His personal mission is to help alcoholics, drug addicts and their loved ones to a better way of life. Ramon enjoys reading, writing, painting and spending time with his loved ones and friends.

Brent Thach – Evening Lead Recovery Advocate

Brent Thach-SmBio coming soon!!

Thomas Barrera – Recovery Advocate

Thomas Barrera_SmOriginally from Austin, Texas, Thomas is one of the Recovery Advocates here at Origins. Being raised in an urban environment, he saw how drugs and alcohol ruined and took the lives of people close to and around him. Rather than use this experience as an excuse he decided to turn his life around, and discovered fitness as an outlet for energy which could just as easily taken his own life down a similar path. As a Certified Personal Trainer he knows how to help others find a healthy lifestyle that not only maintains physical well-being, but provides a basis for the mental discipline necessary to refocus the recovering addict into a positive way of seeing their future as addiction free individuals. Never one to slack off on maintaining his own strength and fitness, most of his spare time is spent on an extremely active lifestyle and continuing his education related to physical fitness.

Daniel Bartlett – Recovery Advocate

Daniel Bartlett-SmBio coming soon!!

John Bennett – Recovery Advocate

John Bennett-SmBio coming soon!!

Andy Bowie – Recovery Advocate

Bio coming soon!!

Pablo Garcia – Recovery Advocate

Pablo Garcia_SmBio coming soon!!

Cody Griffin – Recovery Advocate

Cody-Griffin-SmCody is one of the lucky youths who found his way out of addiction at a very young age. Growing up in Allen, TX, a suburb of Dallas, Cody fell into the chaos of addiction in his teens. He discovered the spark of recovery when in Kerrville, TX and has not looked back since. He has dedicated himself to teaching others how to achieve a life free from addiction, one which furthers the concept of using recovered addicts as the means to spread knowledge about overcoming this devastating disease. Embracing this notion, he has put it into practice through his work with other troubled youths at Pathways 3h Youth Ranch, managing a sober house, as well as sponsoring dozens of others seeking a better, more productive life through successful recovery. He sees Origins as the next step on the road to saving others who suffer from this disease. A place where he can continue to learn more about how the 12 step process works to help addicts find a way of life that does not require chemical abuse just to feel normal. Being young and recovered himself allows him to effectively connect to all the other young addicts who come to Origins, and he provides an example that youth is not a barrier to success, but rather an opportunity to leverage the possibilities a future without addiction holds for those with so much more life to live. He looks forward to being part of a program that transforms people from a life of despair, to one without limits on what can be accomplished.

Thakur Jee – Recovery Advocate

Thakur Jee_SmThakur was born and raised in the neighboring town of Port Isabel, TX. Growing up he was involved with outdoor activities, especially sports, and very centered on helping his family. Like many, however, his life began to spiral on a downward path and he quickly found himself involved with drugs and alcohol. Determined not to duplicate his father’s prematurely short life due to alcohol abuse, it was through the help of his family, his strength of will and the support of a strong recovery community that he pulled his life together. Now, having had firsthand experience with addiction, he uses his understanding of this disease to help guide others like himself fight to regain control of their life and to enjoy it, free from the addiction that had beaten them down. As the overnight RA here at Origins, he makes sure our clients are well taken care of and safe through the course of the night. He really enjoys working with the clients and spreading the positive message of hope, letting them know this treatment is real and works to save lives. On his free time he enjoys fishing, spending time with family and strength training.

Jay Kelley – Recovery Advocate

Jay Kelley-SmBio coming soon!!

Art Litteken – Recovery Advocate

Art Litteken-SmBio coming soon!!

Andy Riley – Recovery Advocate

Andy Riley-SmBio coming soon!!

Derek Stone – Recovery Advocate

Dereck Stone-SmBio coming soon!!

Michael Householder – Transitions/Sober Living Coordinator

Michael is in charge of our Transitions and Sober Living facilities. He is 44 years old and was born and raised in Dallas, TX. Michael is an impassioned Origins employee, as he seems at times to be on fire with the message and spirit of recovery. He feels honored and privileged to get to work with the Origins patients as they navigate the often rough terrain of early sobriety, however he maintains a strong belief that anyone, no matter how bad things have gotten in their life, can and will recover from drug and alcohol addiction, provided they are open, honest and willing to take direction from others who have been blessed to find recovery themselves. Michael is studying human services, as well as pursuing his LCDC credential. Michael is a grateful recovered addict who has managed sober houses in the past. He enjoys riding motorcycles and he is a member of the Third Tradition Motorcyle Club, which is an association of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts who promote, share and enjoy a life-style free from the bondage of alcohol and drugs, and for the benefit of charity.

Josh Nevore – Continuum of Care Coordinator

Josh Nevore-SmThough born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, it wasn’t until he moved to Enid, Oklahoma, that Josh finally found sobriety at a sober house there in 2006. He has been gratefully recovered ever since. He immediately set out to return the favor and the lessons his fight through recovery had taught him. With the help of his church he became very involved in the recovery community, honoring the 12th step by passing the message of hope to other addicts, and giving selflessly of himself by helping out the homeless with donated food and clothes. This was how he learned that he really enjoyed reaching out to those in need of help, whether it be with material goods, or by teaching through his own experience as an addict to others suffering as he had. He now provides his knowledge to the patients here at Origins, where his understanding of what to be wary of helps our patients deal with the often conflicting and raw emotions that arise during rehabilitation and recovery. His confidence in them gives rise to confidence in themselves.

Tharin Smith – Continuum of Care Coordinator

Tharin SmithFrom the historical old city of Charleston, SC, Tharin (mother’s maiden name) has used his own experience as a recovered alcoholic to express his dedication to helping men in crisis. His recovery journey began at the Metro Atlanta Recovery Residences (MARR), and since then has served as a volunteer at both Peachford Hospital and Purple, Inc. He has led spiritual meetings and facilitated 12 Step studies to large groups throughout the U.S. Through diligent adherence to the 12 Steps and the doctrines they prescribe, he has enjoyed sobriety for eight years. A lifelong lover of the coast, Tharin likes beachcombing and photographing ocean sunrises and sunsets. He keeps in touch with family and is the favorite uncle to two nieces and a nephew. He says, “I’m pursuing my passion and living my dream.”

Rosa Dominguez, LFH – Director of Food Services

Rosa has been a professional chef for over 30 years. She is responsible for all facets of food services at Origins. Over the course of her career, she has served in virtually every aspect of restaurant and food services operations. She received her gourmet training and spent the majority of her career at the esteemed Yacht Club on Texas’ Gulf Coast – often frequented by celebrities and dignitaries. She is especially creative in the kitchen and takes great pleasure in satisfying diners. She has a soft-spot for the chemically-dependent and enjoys being around clients and teaching basic kitchen skills. Chef Rosa loves spending time with her beautiful children and traveling to the interior of Mexico.

Aziza Charlotte A. Barker-Stanton – Yoga Instructor

Ms Barker is a Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide and Healing Conductor. Being a Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist with the American Massage Therapy Association, she is also a Massage Instructor and Continuing Education Provider. She has been keenly attuned to the study and teaching of the body-mind-spirit connection through Hatha yoga, meditation and dance since 1970, and is a graduate of The Suluk Academy; Sufi Order International’s esoteric school. Aziza strives to create a learning environment with a respectful and distinctive approach to health and recovery, emphasizing ones natural unfolding through the cultivation of balance and integration. Her passion is to inspire her students and to develop a teacher-training manual for yoga and recovery. In her spare time Aziza enjoys dancing the Argentine Tango, traveling, Ayurvedic cooking and ceramics.

George Stukey – Facilities Security

Bio coming soon!!

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