Hannah’s House Staff

Stephanie J. Smith, LCDC, LPC – Hannah’s House Clinical Coordinator

Stephanie Smith_SmStephanie Smith received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas, Austin. However, after winning the war against her own battles with drug and alcohol addition, Stephanie decided to make addiction counseling her career choice. As part of her recovery, Ms. Smith was in charge of managing a sober house in Kerrville, Texas, but has since then progressed and has received her Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) certification from the Institute for Chemical Dependency Studies in Houston, TX. She then continued her educational pursuits, earning a Masters in Clinical Counseling from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX. Stephanie is also well-versed and trained in the use of EMDR during the course of treatment.

Leaving behind her career as an Investment Counselor was an easy choice for Stephanie, as she can now experience and aid the daily growth of her clients. She guides clients through the recovery process to help them gain freedom, both from their addictions and from the struggles of their lives. Stephanie draws upon her past experiences along with her training to better relate with her patients, providing an empathetic shoulder that the women in Hannah’s House can trust and rely upon. The care that Stephanie provides allows each patient to grow at their own pace, and in their own way. Stephanie is a wonderful example of the happiness recovery can bring to a person; she continues to maintain her lifelong interest in music and the joy she feels while exploring the outdoors.

Connie Motley, M.Ed., LPC – Adult Case Manager

After over 20 years as a successful business woman, Connie Motley returned to school at the University of Oklahoma where she earned a BA in Psychology and subsequently a M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology, thus becoming the first person in her family to ever earn a college degree. Throughout her schooling, Connie found a way to work full-time on a federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) grant in Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Prevention. Her work created a statewide strategic prevention plan focused on Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) for Oklahoma adolescents. She even co-authored an award-winning publication of programs using evidence-based programs with SAMHSA. Ms. Motley also worked as a trainer of trainers to the state prevention network and community coalitions — all while simultaneous completing her education and internship in Child Psychiatry at the University of Oklahoma Medical School.  Amazing!

Not one to be idle, Connie continued her on her path by becoming a Director with Red Rock Behavioral Health Services. As Director, Connie oversaw operations at one of the satellite offices, offering mental health and substance abuse service for Oklahoma’s largest Community Health Center. At the same time, she was working as a Licensed Professional Counselor with a local psychiatrist, providing patients with psychotherapy in coordination with psychotropic medications.

Connie is a proud (and grateful) recovered alcoholic herself, with over 20 years of sobriety. Her education, extensive training, personal recovery experiences, and her proven dedication made Connie a perfect fit for Origins Recovery Centers. Ms. Motely understands and appreciates all of the therapies used at Origins, including EMDR, cognitive and dialectical behavior therapy, and psychodrama, among others. Moreover, she knows how to integrate these therapies with other therapies to help patients achieve a thorough and lasting recovery. Originally from Oklahoma City, it is only recently that Connie decided to move to Texas to pursue her passion for helping people heal. She remains an active participant within the 12-step community and takes great pride in her daughter, who has followed Connie’s example and is now working as a PA in Neurosurgery.

Kathleen Hinton, LPC, LCDC – Adult Case Manager

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Amber Church, LCDC, PRS – Weekend Clinical Care Coordinator

- Adult Case Manager

AmberAmber Church earned her bachelor’s degree at University of North Texas in Community Counseling, an associate’s degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling at Texas State Technical College, is certified as a Peer Recovery Support Specialis, and is currently more than halfway through her master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. Following her own addiction recovery in August of 2005, Amber began working in the field of addiction treatment. It was her own recovery that helped her realize her passion and life dedication to helping others recover from this devastating disease. She truly believes in better our world, and she is dedicated to passing along the benefits of the modern 12-step program of recovery used at Origins Recovery Centers.

After receiving her Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) certification her in 2008, Ms. Church worked in both outpatient and inpatient (residential) treatment programs; she worked in crisis stabilization programs; and she specialized in programs working with people with HIV/AIDs. She has also worked directly with court programs and child protective services (CPS) to help her clients, and to educate the community on addictions. Amber is particularly proud of her volunteer work in a program which made national news for its efforts to help prostitutes get off the streets of Dallas and find refuge in treatment. It is this type of work which helped Amber discover her passion for working with female clients. She truly understands that the female population has very different, specialized needs in terms of recovery, and she aims to provide that specialized care.

For fun, Amber she enjoys spending time with her husband and her two dogs Bastian (Boxer) and Madonna (Chihuahua). She also enjoys volunteering at the nearby Sea Turtle Rescue Center to help injured sea turtles. Meditation, existentialism, listening to the sounds of the waves, eating Asian cuisine and laughing with friends are all part of her life experience. In Amber’s own words, “I am extremely grateful to be alive and have the ability to help the world be a better place.”

Donna Wallace, LPC-S – Adult Case Manager

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Wynne Kiker – Clinical Outreach Coordinator

WynneWynne Kiker is the Clinical Outreach Coordinator at Origins Recovery Center. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas. Her education, and her own personal experience as a recovered alcoholic inspired Wynne to enter into the chemical dependency field two years ago. With her internship for Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) certification nearing completion, Ms. Kiker is now pursuing a Masters in Mental Health Counseling.

Wynne is immensely excited to further her clinical training within the Origins family; she is particularly looking forward to helping those afflicted with addiction to realize the true power of recovery in their lives. Her role at has significantly expanded since she first arrived at Origins Recovery Centers — she now works with both clients and the treatment team to establish an achievable aftercare plan, which often includes therapy, psychiatric care, medical care, 12-step recommendations, and often contact with a temporary 12-step sponsor. 

In her spare time, Wynne enjoys playing with her Boston Terrier, Deuce, and spending time with her friends and family.

Terri Beck – Continuum of Care Coordinator

Terri Beck_SmTerri Beck is a native Texan; her and her husband moved to South Padre Island in 2010. Since the very early age of five, Terri has been immersed in the 12-step recovery program when addiction became an ugly reality for various members of her family. For years, she struggled with depression, but found freedom through the 12-steps and the community it represents. Ms. Beck is truly passionate about sharing her life experiences with other women to give them hope for their own futures as recovered women.

Terri is a perfect example of how a commitment by others, using their own life experience as a basis for providing a sympathetic voice, is sometimes all it takes to aid and educate people in need of a solution. Her presence as leader of the Hannah’s House team of Recovery Advocates is another piece of the total recovery experience available to all the women we provide guidance for. In her free time Terri likes to read, swim and spend time with her family.

Allison Wynn – Lead Recovery Advocate

Allison Wynn-SmWith her father having been recovered for more than 25 years, Allison virtually grew up around 12-step meeting rooms. When it became apparent to her family that she too needed help, they took to heart the concept of passing along the message of helping others and started taking her to meetings. After almost a year of attending meetings with her family she saw the need to ask for help. She actually began to work the 12-step process for the first time and hasn’t looked back since.

Allison is a firm believer in service work, which has been a huge part of her recovery. Her own experience with addiction, together with her involvement with volunteer work at Austin Recovery has lead her here, to Origins, where she enjoys guiding others like herself through the process of ridding themselves of addiction. Her main goal of working here is to help as many people as she can. It has become “the light of my life”, and she thrives on the indescribable joy when she begins to see the light of recovery in the eyes of the women she works with. “I love the experience already and cannot wait to learn more and grow so that I can reach more women!!”

Becky Babb – Recovery Advocate

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Jobi Brazil – Recovery Advocate

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Elia Bueno – Recovery Advocate

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Chelsea Champion – Recovery Advocate

Chelsea Champion grew up in a small northeast Oklahoma town, also named Chelsea. Her own battles with methamphetamine addiction helped her to discover a new direction and purpose for her now sober lifestyle. Her purpose, she determined  was one of giving back to the community that gave her life back to her. By returning the knowledge so freely given to her on achieving a successful recovery, Ms. Champion has become a wonderful example of the goal of the recovery community in which all addicts become a part of the solution for others to learn from.  

She absolutely loves working with the women at Hannah’s House, and passing on the legacy of recovery to women going through the difficult process of learning to live life without the burden of addiction. Her energetic personality and passion for our program of recovery is rewarded as she gets to watch these women grow under their newly discovered higher power, to move on to a drug-free life where anything is possible and achievable. Chelsea is a model of the positive changes that occur once a person embraces a recovered lifestyle and puts into practice the altruism that is the hallmark of practiced recovery. With the additional experience of having parents who have also recovered from this debilitating disease, Chelsea has a more complete understanding than most of what it truly takes to turn a life of chemical dependence around. Her future goals include returning to school to further her education in the field of alcohol and drug abuse.

Alejandra Delgada – Recovery Advocate

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Vanessa Hinojosa – Recovery Advocate

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Stephanie Horst – Recovery Advocate

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Donna Henry – Recovery Advocate

Donna Henry-SmBeing from Nashville, TN, with a father who was often a musician at the Grand Ole Opry, it was only natural for Donna to matriculate into the musical tradition the city is famous for by becoming a professional singer. Unfortunately, the performing arts are often prone to association with drug and alcohol abuse, and she fell into the all too common trap of that influence. For many years after recovering from her addiction in 1999, she wasn’t involved in the treatment community, but in 2006, after taking a secretarial position at a local treatment center, she hesitantly agreed to facilitate a 12-step group as a favor for a counselor who knew her from local meetings. From that experience, where she discussed her own recovery and the pitfalls of relapse, she discovered how much she enjoyed helping others going through the process of addiction recovery and that she had a natural talent for working in the treatment industry. Since then, Donna has worked at several facilities, including New Life Lodge, Buffalo Valley and the Cumberland Heights women’s program, where she happened to meet Kacy Marion from our Alumni Services Department who introduced her to the excellent work being done here at Origins. Living on South Padre Island is certainly a change from her roots in Nashville, and she admits missing the mountains and friends and family of her Tennessee home, but she thoroughly enjoys her new family here at Origins and the opportunity to help the women who come to Origins seeking relief from a life of struggling with addiction.

Hayley Meacham – Recovery Advocate

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Jessica McMillan – Recovery Advocate

JessieOriginally a native of San Antonio, Jessie McMillian relocated to Dallas in 2006 to enter into recovery and get sober. Since that time, Jessie has been involved in recovery-based groups in the DFW-area. She has a distinct passion and singular purpose for working with women who have a sincere desire to seek wellness and recovery from addiction. She also has a strong desire to one day work with children and adolescent patients whose lives have been affected by drug addiction and alcoholism

Jessie knows no greater joy than sharing her experiences, strengths and hopes with those in the early stages of sobriety. To her, seeing the light return to the formerly sad and dark eyes of those suffering as they recover constitutes the essence of spiritual and professional fulfillment. Jessie has been incredibly blessed in her own life, and she is completely grateful for the opportunity to work with the female patients of Hannah’s House.

In her spare time, Jessie enjoys reading, writing, dancing (ballroom, country and western), as well as spending time with her dog, Captain. Jessie fully intends to complete her degree so that she may fulfill her desire to work with children and adolescent patients. 

Nicole Mullowney – Recovery Advocate

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Stephanie Saenz – Recovery Advocate

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Sharon Sauer – Recovery Advocate

Sharon Sauer_SmBorn and raised in Houston, Texas the youngest girl of eight children, Sharon knows a little about growing up surrounded by the disease of alcoholism. After tragically losing two uncles to this disease, Sharon’s parents did not hesitate to intervene on her behalf when they recognized the signs and symptoms of alcoholism showing up in her life. Sharon began her new life in sobriety after spending time in a rehab in the hill county. Nine years later, she has discovered peace of mind and has a passion for helping others.

Sharon began sponsoring women at five months sober and took on service commitments at 6 months sober. Early on in sobriety, Sharon lived in Austin, Texas and was an active member of La Hacienda alumni group as well as serving on the board of her home group of Western Trails Group. Shortly after graduating with a Master in Business Administration from St. Edward’s University, Sharon moved to her hometown of Houston, Texas. While in Houston, she served as the Treasurer of Houston City Wide Group and General Service Representative for Primary Purpose Group.

Sharon’s background and skills provide the credibility needed to cultivate strategic alliances and partnerships with critical stakeholders. Sharon has over 16 years of experience working as a Development Director, Marketing Director, Grants Manager and Human Resources Manager. She is well rounded and can motivate staff to perform at optimal levels. Sharon looks forward to combining both professional experience and sobriety experience to enhance the women’s lives at Hanna’s House.

Alicia Watkins – Recovery Advocate

Alicia Watkins-SmAlicia Watkins is a native Texan; she was born, raised and remained in Garland, Texas until 2011, when she moved down to The Rio Grande Valley. Growing up with some family members struggling under the burden of addiction, she has since dedicated her life to helping those in need; clearly demonstrated by her having been a foster parent over the years for over 30 drug-exposed newborns. In addition, she worked with the Texas Dept. of Child & Family Services (TDPRS) for many years, providing her with extensive knowledge and experience working with children and adults who were often affected by drug or alcohol abuse.

Her zeal for helping others continues with her work here at Hannah’s House, where her training and experience can be brought to bear in helping the diversity of clients who come here to overcome addiction, learning to lead happy and productive lives without chemical dependence. She loves to watch them emerge from their experience here having changed and grown past the need for drugs or alcohol just to feel normal. It supports her heartfelt belief that it is her mission in life to help others, and to give them the wisdom of her years of experience in this field without judgment of their past. In her own words, “I feel very blessed to be a part of the Origins family and having the opportunity to work with such high-energy, caring and compassionate ladies.” In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, and absolutely loves to travel. Living here on South Padre Island also allows her to enjoy her favorite hobbies; kayaking, boating, photography, snorkeling/diving, landscaping… to name just a few.

Hailey Webster – Recovery Advocate

Hailey Webster-SmHailey is a Texan through and through, growing up in Ft. Worth, Texas, and studying Social Work at the University of Texas, Arlington. Having been through her own struggle with addiction she understands the toll it takes, as well as what it takes to successfully embrace the recovery process and to continue life free from chemical dependence. After learning to properly incorporate a 12-step program of recovery into her life during treatment in Hunt, Texas, she decided to actively practice the concept of passing along the message of recovery to others suffering from the disease of addiction. She hasn’t looked back since. During her post-treatment stay at a sober living facility in Kerrville, TX, she became heavily involved with the 12-step community, holding a number of service positions and even becoming the manager of the home in which she lived. Hailey loves being able to provide others with the same care and understanding she was given during her journey through recovery, and she can fully realize this objective by working with the women at Hannah’s House who have come seeking treatment for the same disease she has successfully overcome. As with many of the other staff members, Hailey provides a shining example of what a recovered lifestyle can bring to those previously living only with hopelessness and despair.

Cathy Wirt – Recovery Advocate

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